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new car on pcp and gap ins - focusman
son getting new car on a pcp scheme and has been looking at getting gap insurance on it.
is it best getting replacement car cover rather than return to invoice cover when using pcp
thanks in advance
new car on pcp and gap ins - BobbyG
I know this isn't answering your question but just want to share my PCP experience.

Got Scenic 3 years ago on a PCP with final value of £5500. I am getting offered trade in of £6500 just now so thats ok. However, if I want to keep the car I need to take out a loan for the £5500 over another 2 years.

So ineffect I have had a 5 year loan.

Looking at changing cars just now and the PCP deal vs a straight 5 year loan (with no mileage limits etc) was very much in favour of the loan as being the cheapest option.

As I say, not answering your question though!
new car on pcp and gap ins - injection doc
Its expensive to buy a car this way but can leave a big hole at the end! recomend GAP from personal experience. keep photos of car & all records as well for GAP cause they like to wriggle
new car on pcp and gap ins - Bill Payer
I'm not sure what the answer is either! but wanted to point out that if you shop around for GAP cover, it's available for around half the cost the dealers charge.

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