Number plates. - Ashley
Hi all,

I heard today that the government have outlawed the use of national emblems (Welsh Dragon, Union Jack etc ) on number plates. Then, someone else said that it only effects the plates that have 7 digits ( 4 letters, 3 numbers ) because they have to sqeeze the number plate up to fit the emblem, therefore the plate is incorrectly spaced. Also, they have allowed the use of the European flag but you can get fined a thousand pounds if caught displaying anything else. My plates have a small Welsh Dragon all over them rather than an emblem on the left hand side, am i breaking the law ?

Anyone know what's going on ?


Re: Number plates. - Andrew Hamilton
This government gets more like a dictatorship every day. Guess they will be outlawing certain colours for cars next. Modifying your car will need written permission from the DVLA to meet some new EEC regulation. These 'servants of the people' live on a different planet!
Re: Number plates. - Gwyn Parry
Any number plate without a BS number is technically illegal. The Chief Constable of North Wales Police says that any plate with any "illegal" national symbol will not be prosecuted.
Re: Number plates. - John Slaughter
Strangely enough I was in my local motor shop this morning, buying some gear oil when a customer asked about some new plates with the 'euro/GB' symbol. The reply was that they could do this provided the number was either six digits or had a 1 in it for a seven digit plate. All to do with legal spacing being possible only with these combinations. Compared to some of the plates you see obviously a reputable shop!


Re: Number plates - David Lacey
I'm afraid it's the good old EU again telling us what we can and cannot do. The ONLY identifier allowed on a UK registration plate is 'GB' together with the EU star symbol. I think that the UK police have the common sense to ignore this ridiculous ruling, but only time will tell.......
Re: Number plates - Ian
The police will almost certainly ignore it, they have better things to do, but will it be an MOT failure point?
Re: Number plates - Guy Lacey
No I'm sure he won't (as long as it is a Welsh Dragon)

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