GB sticker on number plate - Brill {P}
(Driving in France)

The rear number plate on my car has the usual small blue GB band on the left hand side, but the front one has nothing at all.

Having noticed that all other cars with these have them on the rear AND front, I'm wondering if I'm required to stick one on the front plate too.

After all, cars without these newer plates are allowed to have one of the older type big stickers on the back only.
GB sticker on number plate - Westpig
all GB signs on plates are optional, so if you wanted to you can have nothing on both plates and put the black and white sticker on the rear of the car
GB sticker on number plate - Brill {P}
Thanks WP,

I never was particulary clever at asking questions in a coherent manner. What I meant was can I leave the small GB plate sticker on only, or if I go with that, will I have to put one on the front too.

The reason I ask is that if not, why has every car with a number plate sticker on the back plate, also got one on the front.

(ie, not the same as those cars with the old style big rounal, where it's only on the back)

I'm rambling........

I'm off to Halfords........

GB sticker on number plate - Westpig
You need to show your country of origin somehow, to the rear. It can be either on the plate as you've got or via a separate (black and white) sticker type thing.

You don't need one on the front at all.
GB sticker on number plate - Brian Tryzers
Number plates are generally made up in pairs, anyway, which I suppose is why you tend you get two GB plates or two plain ones. I'd guess one of Brill's has been replaced at some stage.

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