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Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Brett
Hi all

I am looking at buying a BMW Z3 & have about 15k to spend. I have been told the 1.9 is underpowered & to go for a 2.8 The problem is I can only really afford an R reg 2.8 & am worried about the bore wear problems I have read about. Should I give up on a 2.8 or are there some things I can do or look out for to minimise any risks


Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - chris hughes

We currently own a bmw 328i sport (1996). It has covered 87,000 with no problems with the valves whatsoever. It has also got FBMWSH and if a problem develops bmw will subsiquently honour the service history. Provided you can get one with the fbmwsh you should be fine - If im right, from 1998 onwards some of the cars engine types were replaced so you may be lucky enough to find one. Also, if you find a car BMW can do a test on the valves for you to ensure they dont suffer from the problem - apparently this costs upto about £100 but lets face it, this is nothing when you consider the expense you could have.
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Jud
Do BMW have problems with valves as well as excessive bore wear?
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Richard Turpin
No. The problem is bore wear not valves. The cut off point is manufacture after spring 98. Ring BMW and give them the chassis No and they will tell you. Mine is subject to bore wear, but you can tell when you start using oil. They don't all have the problem. Mine is now 85.000 miles and no sign. I use fully synthetic oil. Check it every fill up and when/if it happens you will know. Sell then, or pay £3.500 for a main dealer rebuild, (which gives you a "new" engine) or get a second hand 2.5 engine.
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Jud
I thought Bmw payed the full cost due the liner type being at fault?
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Richard Turpin
I think only up to 3 years old and only with BMW FSH.
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - John S

My neighbour has just had a new short engine on a 328, courtesy of BMW. High oil consumption was the problem, and when they were given the engine number they described it more as a 'recall' than warranty.

I believe the car was just over the three years old.


Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - Honest John
John S gives the most secure answer to Brett. If he can find a Z3 2.8 which has had a replacement steel bore liner block then he scores two ways: he gets an engine that doesn't have the M52 problem; and he gets a car with a much newer engine.

Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - chris
sorry, i meant bore wear...
Re: Z3 2.8 & Bore Wear - J Bonington Jagworth
A friend of mine who tried a 2.8 recently said the fly-by-wire control system gave a noticeable throttle lag that wasn't apparent on the 1.9. That wasn't powerful enough for him, so he bought a Boxster...

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