306 remote central locking - pugprobs
Hi guys, I have a 2000 306 XSI, a while ago the remote central locking stopped working, i put new batteries in it but it still wont work, ive heard that pugs are notorious for electrical problems and that the wire in the doors can wear causing problems with locks randomly locking/unlocking. When i lock the doors with the key all doors lock/unlock fine and there is no wire damage. Do i have to reset the remote sensor??? If so does anyone know how to do this?? Would be very happy if anyone could assist.
306 remote central locking - GregSwain
If the central locking works, I doubt it'd be an electrical problem. A lot of manufacturers use rolling codes for remote locking, which can get out of sync. A lot of cars can be "resync'd" by turning the ignition on with the key, and holding down the lock button. Failing this a Pug dealer wouldn't charge too much to re-program the key... they might even tell you how to do it without charging you! Have found Pug dealers to be very reasonable for things like that.

p.s. Make sure the batteries are in the right way round first, that's my normal downfall with button-cell batteries.


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