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Baby seat help - a900ss

We need to buy a second car seat for our baby as just having one seat isn?t practical as our baby will soon be going to a childminder.

I have a car with ISOFIX fittings and would like to get a car seat that can use them for maximum safety. Due to the fact our baby is only 5 months old, she must be in a rear facing seat, Group 0 I think.

I have seen seats that are Group 0+1, they go from birth to about 4 years old. They fit in the car facing towards the rear until about a year, then you turn the chair around and it becomes a forward facing seat. This seems ideal however I can?t find one that has ISOFIX. Does anybody know of such a seat that is both Group 0+1 and has ISOFIX?

Baby seat help - Brian Tryzers
Wouldn't a reversible Isofix seat require two sets of Isofix mountings, one facing each way? Not sure - Isofix was such a muddle when we were choosing in 2001-3 that we didn't bother with it - but this may be the reason you're not finding what you're looking for.
Baby seat help - daveyjp
You may be able to find an ISOFIX base which can accommodate a group 0 and a group 1, from my searching you won't find an ISOFIX 0 and 1 seat.

For a recent diuscussion on ISOFIX and my thoughts see this:
Baby seat help - Brian Tryzers
In any case, think carefully about whether the same seat can work well for a baby, who can't support her own head and has to travel virtually lying down, and a toddler, who will want to face forward, sit up straight and look around. Chances are that one function or the other will be compromised - it'll probably be safe but may not be comfortable - so it might be better to buy the best rear-facing seat you can get now and then move on to the best forward facer when she's ready for it. It's not a great expense against all the others involved in running a family and a car.

Agree with you on one point, though - moving a Group 1 seat from one car to the other is a pain. Them things is HEAVY!

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