Cleaning out mucky carpets - Shaz {p}
Need to give the car a good clean on the inside - the carpets / boot floor are quite dirty. Have been around a few valet places - but not wanting to waste time (has to be done before Saturday) and £50 - 60 and get a poor result - decided it may be an idea to have a go myself.

Has anyone used the Rug Doctor in their cars? This is a carpet wash thingy you can rent from diy / grocery stores. It is designed for carpets in the home ( works like a upright valcum cleaner), but has piper attachments for upholstery. I was wandering if the attachments would do a good enough job? (presumably these are used in hard to reach areas / and stairs).

So - anyone had a try?
Cleaning out mucky carpets - injection doc
Most valeters if good can get you a better result than you could do with there experience. Yopu can always ask just for an interior clean so its cheaper.I have used a rug doctor & it was good but did use a shampoo recommended for vehicle upholstery which I ordered from trafalgar chemicals. Its hard work & recommend rinsing the carpets as well to remove all traces of chemical
Cleaning out mucky carpets - Shaz {p}
I may go through Yellow pages - and find a mobile operator. The usual drive in types have not filled me with confidence (they tend to rush the job when more cars come in, so end up doing half a job (me pessimistic?).
Cleaning out mucky carpets - milkyjoe
i thought " rug doctor" was for sprucing up ones syrup
Cleaning out mucky carpets - Chris M
I've used the Karcher equivalent many times on seats with excellent results, but always found it a bit clumsy to use on the carpets. Have always used the same shampoo as you use indoors.
Cleaning out mucky carpets - 1066
my other half is a car valeter and last week when his own extraction machine broke down he hired a rug doctor for a week and said it was good there chemicals are rubbish.
if your near southend at all let me know and i'll ask him to do a good job very cheap for you.
Cleaning out mucky carpets - Shaz {p}
Thanks for the help all. (I'am in Nottingham, but thanks for the offer anyway).
Just out of interest - what chemicals does he use? I've heard bicarbonate soda may be good, but what would be best for upholstry (not too bad condition), and muck / grubby carpets?

Cleaning out mucky carpets - 1066
ive just looked in his garage and its got pro-clean written on it but its in 25ltr containers and it looks bright yellow.
you only need a cap full to 5ltrs of water and it gets off really thick grease and mud very quickly

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