Kangoo Radio Code Reset - Talking Hoarse
Help please? Just bought a 98 /S Kangoo van with a Blaupunkt radio cassette fitted. Not sure what model it is, but it preset buttons in a block on right and does have the remote paddles on the steering column.
It worked rather well until I inadvertantly disconnected the battery thanks to Renault battery clips, and it now needs the code inserted.
I believe I know the code, and can get the set to prompt ( 0000 ) and worked out which button changes the digit that flashes, but cannot fathom out how to increment & set each number.
Can anyone help me please? Thanks in anticipation.
Kangoo Radio Code Reset - hogan1
i think its either number 6 on thee radio or the button on the bottom of the stalk. let me know how you get on.
Kangoo Radio Code Reset - Dynamic Dave
Can anyone help me please? Thanks in anticipation.

If you can find the model, then visit the site below and type it in the search box in the top RH corner of the page, and with any luck the one(s) that get listed when you click on it / them will give you the info of how to enter the code.


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