Another London(outskirts) parking querey - jacks
Please can anyone give me some advice :

I need to be in London - Borough Market area - on Saturday week at around lunchtime. I'll be driving up from Gloucestershire on the M4 and intend to find somewhere reasonably safe and secure to park up and easily access a tube station to proceed on to London Bridge station. Or possibly I could get to London Bridge via a Thameslink train if any of the stations on that line are more convenient.

I'm thinking initially of Uxbridge (Metropolitan line) or possibly one of the stations around Hounslow (on the line that runs to Heathrow)...............but I've no idea which stations have parking in or around the immediate area.

It doesn't really matter where I park as long as it :

a. is easily accessed from the M4/M25/M40 without hitting too much congestion around 10-12.00 on a Saturday morning

b. is somewhere where I can park close to a station cheaply (or free) and is reasonably safe/secure to leave my car for the day - until 8-9 pm.

Many thanks in anticipation of some useful advice from "locals".

Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Mad Maxy
You could use Hillingdon (on the Met, one station on from Uxbridge), which is right next to the A40, just after the M40 finishes. Change at Finchley Road and on to the Jubilee to London Bridge.
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - DP
You could use Hillingdon (on the Met one station on from
Uxbridge) which is right next to the A40 just after the
M40 finishes. Change at Finchley Road and on to the Jubilee
to London Bridge.

Or Ickenham which is one more station down the line, another 2 minutes further down the road (<5 mins from the A40), costs £2 for the day and has a security guard during business hours. There's always stacks of free space as well.

I've left my car there every day for 18 months and no problems so far (touching wood).

Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Marc4Six
I don't know if this is of any help. But I frequently visit my brother on weekends who lives just south of London Bridge station, on street parking is not (currently!) restricted on weekends (6.30pm Friday - 9.30am Monday I think from memory) and plentiful. Try Tabard Street and surrounding area, I have never had a problem finding a space at the weekend and only about 500 yards from London Bridge station.

I cannot help with traffic levels on Saturday as I normally travel on Friday evenings, the one occasion I travelled on Saturday I cannot recall any particular congestion problem, I come in from the south west on the M3/A316 so from the Hogarth roundabout the same route as you would use.
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Avant
I usually go to Barons Court - M4 / A4 and turn off for Hammersmith - part of the way round the Butterwick roundabout - right into North End Road and then over the traffic lights with the A4 (you can't run right off the A4 here, hence the diversion through Hammersmith). Have a look at a London atlas or Multimap and you'll see what I mean.

Barons Court tube station is across the road on the right - you go up the hill and round to the left in the one-way system and find somewhere to park - if nowhere turn first right and go rouind and you should find somewhere. It's free at week-ends.

Piccadilly line to Green Park and change to Jubilee to London Bridge, or if it comes first, District line to Westminster and change to Jubilee.
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - rcspeirs
Despite what is stated in a post above, parking near London Bridge station is definitely not free in all streets. I know to my cost - I was towed. Check very carefully if you intend to drive that far into town.

Parking in the City of London (just across London Br) is free, but only after 1330 on Saturday.
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Mapmaker
I live ten minutes (walk!) from Borough Market. There is loads of free parking at the weekend. I'd drive.

M4, A4 until you reach Tescos at Olympia. Turn right down through Chelsea until you reach the embankment. Cross at Lambeth Bridge, straight on up Lambeth Road. I'll check the Saturday restrictions on Tabard Street later if I remember.

With all due respect, rcspeirs, I wouldn't park ANYWHERE in the UK without checking the restrictions first!
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Roger Jones
Aren't you near enough in Glos to a railway station to let the train take the strain? Unless I needed a car for travelling around the destination area (or if a heavy load is involved), that's what I'd do, using the journey as reading time.
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Marc4Six
The Controlled Parking Zone around Tabard Street does not cover the weekends, in addition it is not legal and has not been for a least 2 years. I know I was ticketed 2 years ago took it to the adjudicator, no show from Southwark Council, one entrance at least does not have the required signage. The council have known for 2 years and done nothing to fix it, but I'm sure they still issue tickets in the area!
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - jacks
Thanks to all BR members for your advice

much appreciated as always.

Another London(outskirts) parking querey - ablandy
good coffee at monmouth coffee in borough market. Just in case you feel the need urge!
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - wotspur
bearing in mind Glous to London is 240 miles return journey, even at 40mpg, you'll spend £25 ish on fuel, plus the wear and tear- if the advertised prices on the back of National Express coaches you'll have less stress for probably less than £12 and be able to enjoy a drink -driving is onlythe best alternative if there is more than 1 of you in the car- that said enjoy the day
Another London(outskirts) parking querey - Mapmaker
>>if the advertised prices on the back of National Express coaches you'll have less stress

Travelling by coach, with the dregs of society who also travel by coach? Less stress?

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