2003 TDCi starter probs? - Red Baron
Hi all,

My 2003 TDCi appears to have problems starting the engine.

Upon turning the key, the dashboard lights appear normal. The next thing that happens is that I hear a metallic whirring noise that persists until I turn the ignition off. This can occurr a second or third time. Then eventually the engine fires up as normal with no extra lights on the dashboard.

I can't yet tell whether it will only do it on a warm or cold engine or both, but I would guess that the temperature of the engine is unrelated.

My guess is that something from the starter motor is not engaging with the engine and this therefore does not turn over. I hope that its a simple re-greasing job.

Any help will much appreciated.

Red Baron

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Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Screwloose
Red Baron

If the noise is coming from the starter; then it could well be that the one-way overrun clutch in the motor itself is going.

Although a new clutch drive should be available; a re-con motor is the usual fix.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Red Baron
I have had my head under the bonnet with SWMBO turning the ignition. Only one 'thing' appears to be making the same noise each time.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Quinny100
You aren't going to like this, but its sounds like the classic symptom of a failing dual mass flywheel on the Mondeo. The starter ring starts to chew up the flywheel and gets to the stage where it won't engage properly, and quite often fills the starter motor full of flywheel particles and ruins that too.

I think a new flywheel is an engine out job on these.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Red Baron
Oh dear. That does not sound good. Sure enough, Googling has brought up similar horror stories. I will see if I can get the car looked at by my local dealer as a first-off.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - cheddar
>>The next thing that happens is that I hear a metallic whirring noise that persists until I turn the ignition off. This can occurr a second or third time. >>

To be very clear about this, does the whirring start as soon as the ignition is turned on or when you turn the key against the spring to engage the starter?

Did you have any other symptoms prior to this? Re DMF I have read that a slight rattle for a second or so immediately after starting can indicate a DMF problem, and have noticed this on the odd occasion on mine (more like a buzz really and not clearly from the fly wheel area), however others say that although the rattle may be from the DMF the cause is a low or slightly lumpy idle. This is not isolated to Fords and is apparently more common on the (Mk I) Focus TDCi than the Mondeo.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Red Baron

The whirring noise that I refer to happens as I turn the ignition key far enough as though to start the engine (position III ?).

If I only turn the key to 'electrics on' (position II ?) then , yes there is also a hum or buzzing noise, but that could be solenoids or relays.

In the meantime...the dealer has rung back and confirmed that it is the starter. The helical winding is not moving far enough to engage the engine.

So I,m still not sure whether it is wear on bearings or bushes or whether indeed there is debris.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - pmh
On the facts as presented it would seem not to be the flywheel as it seems as tho the starter will engage on a subsequent retry attempt without the flywheel having moved.

I have a similar problem with a Mk4 Zetec Fiesta that only manifests itself in temperatures of less than about 3deg C. Can be cured by heating with a hair dryer on cold days. I believe the overun cltch becomes sticky. I have yet to take it it out and replace/examine it. Try the hair dryer trick (curtesy of wife) read about it at:


pmh (was peter)

Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - sampuk
I experienced similar problems with my 01 Mondeo. Starter was OK but dual mass flywheel was the culprit. Major job and costly. Ford denied any problem but this is a common fault usually occurs around 70,000 miles. My mate put three starters on before he caught on that particles from the flywheel were clogging the starter up. Mondeos are getting worse, and like all major manufacturers aren't very happy to service their customers complaints. The introduction of micro chip technology was a sad day for the motorist!

Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - cooldude68
hi red baron, did you get to the bottom of your problem, i think i have the same one.it's as though the starter doesn't engage with the flywheel
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Aprilia
A mate of mine does lots of these. 9 times out of 10 the problem is failure of the DMF. Swarf is getting into the starter head and clogging it up, preventing engagement.
A rebuilt starter will give a short-term cure (long enough to sell the car!) but the long-term solution is a new DMF/clutch (and starter, of course). This will typically cost £1k+
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - Red Baron
I had the starter motor replaced with new at a Ford dealer for £300. Can be done cheaper, but the dealer was only ½ mile away from me and I trust what they do.

I did at the time ask the mechanic to investigate the DMF etc, but they said No, its only the starter motor.

I have since put 10k miles on the car and have no starting problems. If it had been the DMF disintegrating, then the starter motor problem would by now have resurfaced.

My Mondeo sees at least 8 cold starts per day, so the starter motor has been used a lot.
Mondeo TDCi starter probs? - jack2008
If problem does turn out to be a DMF (dual mass flywheel) you may want to think about converting to single mass flywheel,as the problems with the DMF is an on going one a may happen again. I have had a SMF Kit and starter fitted by MasterTech in Hull for £750 although this is not cheap it will safe guard any future problems reoccuring and i Have not noticed a great deal of difference in the drivability although i was told it maybe not as smooth so check out there web site for in-fo

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2003 TDCi starter probs? - joshfox2008
my mum n dad used to have a ford mondeo 2.0tdci on a "53"plate and we had problems starting it ...it would start one min then the next it wouldnt ...we had it put on the diagnostics and it turned out to be a crank shaft sensor ... the part cost about £20 + labour so its not a major problem