Skoda Octavia CD Changer - graham sherlock
Due to the rear screen washer feed pipe dis-connecting , the 6-CD changer connector got wet & corroded. After cleaning up (WD40 etc), it doesn't power up. I can't trace the fuse according to the manual to check it. Anybody know which one it is in the 'fuse-box'. Is there an internal fuse in the changer itself? The audio unit just tells me there's no CD's. It lies!

Skoda Octavia CD Changer - Robin the Technician
Hi Graham,
Like most things electrical, the motherboard generally has an on board fuse that no one knows about. Unscrew the case and have a look in the general area of the power supply leads and its my bet theres a little glass fuse sitting there thats blown. Many Microwave ovens end up in skips that only need a 50p fuse replacing because no one knows its there.
I assume you've also checked that the unit has power when the ignition is swiched on?

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