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306 Airbag issue - Matt
Shortly after buying my 306 in 1998 I had the problem of the airbag warning light coming on and was told it needed a new wiring loom at the front (appartently it was too short from the start in many 306's) and although it would have been done under warrenty I couldn't face the trauma!! They fixed the fault which they said was on the seatbelt pretensioner connection which did the trick for 3 years but it has started coming on again now.

Wondered if anyone else had this problem and found the exact fault or a simpler solution.

Cheers, Matt
Re: 306 Airbag issue - Neil
I'd beware of fiddling round with the connections to either the bag or pretensioners: they're all pyrotechnic devices with quite careful handling instructions.
Re: 306 Airbag issue - David W

This is a well known problem and affects two of the 306s I look after. It is said to be a simple case of connection faults, as you mention, in the area of the seats/floor/dash.

As a very small independent without full access to the latest Peugeot tech info, training, safety procedures and no airbag container I have decided to advise a Peugeot dealer always looks at these faults. I am acutely aware of Health & Safety implications while I am working on cars and the liability to the user if I tamper with the system.

There is an ongoing case from a forum visitor where a 306 airbag deployed when a child opened the glove box to get some sweets, luckily he was only slightly injured.

Re: 306 Airbag issue - Zaheer
Last Sunday night my sister was on her way home when on all of a sudden the airbag went off. She then loast control of the car and hit the central reservation. Luckily no one was hurt but the car is in a bit of a state.

As mention on this site that there is a problem with airbags and certain 306's. Can someone tell me more?

Also I'd like to hear from the forum visitor who has experienced somtheing similar and is allegedly pursuing this with Peugeot.
Re: 306 Airbag issue - M.M

This is what you are looking for where Peter reported the fault.


Re: 306 Airbag issue - pmh

You beat me to it posting the Link.

This all happened in France and was handled by the French parent company.

I conducted considerable communication 'off Forum' but you will be interested to know that Peugot accepted full liability for repairs, loan vehicle etc without any cash being involved. The personal injury claim is still subject to legal negotiation.

It appears to be accepted that there were some problems with certain model years and I am told that a range of the French cars were subject to a recall. I am afraid that you will have to research this yourself. Whether Peugot UK will deal in the same way will be interesting to see.

My advice is to get it handled thro a lawyer from day 1, is she a member of the RAC or AA?

pmh (was peter)
Re: 306 Airbag issue - Mike
I have had my Peugeot 306 for over 2 years and the airbag light has been flashing for most of that time. It has been fixed by my Peugeot dealer twice but the fault comes back. I understand that there is a connection under the driver's seat and moving the seat causes the connection to come apart.
306 Airbag issue - Dan J
Can't help with this but IIRC wasn't it a 306 which injured a small kiddie which had simply gone to get some sweets out of the glove compartment (engine not even running)? He/she apparently shut the lid only to have to passenger airbag explode causing injury.

I only hope you get some serious grovelling from Peugeot, Zaheer, personally I think they should be strung up for things like this. Imagine if it'd happened as she was approaching a pedestrian crossing, or perhaps a busy bus queue?
306 Airbag issue - Dan J
Goadmnit, just read David W's post (good to see you again!) - At least it proves I'm not going senile/fabricating past memories, I just don't read other posts clearly enough!
306 Airbag issue - uplifter
The air bag light on my 306 has all of a sudden started coming on. I have an 1998 R reg Peugeot 306 vivante edition and have been driving it for the best part for 2 years with no problems. Then the air bag light started flashing at me last week, before staying lit after 5 minutes. It then stopped for a day and I though the problem went away. But then after this it started flashing everytime I started the car, for 5 minutes then it stays lit afterwards. I took it to a car electronics specialist who ran some diagnostics on the car. The diagnostic checker produced a result that implied the that the airbag had recently been detonated???? (I think it was code 161 on his machine) Bizarre as I had had the car for the last 2 years, with not the hint of a minor prang!! The guy indicated that I needed to replace the computer chip that controls the seat belt pre-tensioners and the air bag system (£160!!).This was the only way to get rid of the distracting flashing light on my dash board.

I was interested to see that while I was at this specialist, another lady owner with the same car and reg as me (306, R 1998) also had exactly the same problem, and the test produced the same result. I would be interested to hear if anyone else is having/has had this problem....
306 Airbag issue - DL
It's a bit of a 'problem' with 306 and 406 models.....believe me!

Bulb removal works wonders, so I'm told!
306 Airbag issue - Robin the Technician
Hi everyone,
This is indeed a common fault on both 306 and 406 with Peugeot issuing a technical bulletin on the repair of said fault. As with my 406, the airbag would flash on and off driving you balmy. The cure is with the harness connectors under the seats. The fix is to cut the plugs off and re-connect the wires using solder. I did it on mine and my nieces car and the problem was resolved. There have been many threads on this forum related to this problem and personally I think its time that Peugeot did something constructive by way of a service action campaign.

These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
306 Airbag issue - DL
The very same problem affects some other marques, too!

Apparently WD40 and reconnecting/disconnecting the connectors a few times effects a short-term cure.
306 Airbag issue - uplifter
Thanx for the replies. When you say cut of the plugs, do you mean cut them off and re-solder them back into the plugs? Is this safe to do, considering its the air bag safety system? I dont want it to detonate off. (your speaking to someone who has never held a solder iron in his hands here!) Should I still get the computer chip changed on the car?

Do u have a link or a copy of the peugeot technical bulletin that u mentioned?

I agree Peugeot should advertise their faults and remedies more widely, so that everyone can see the fixes. (e.g. Microsoft are brilliant at telling everyone there's bugs/security flaws in Windows and how to fix them).
Thanks again
306 Airbag issue - Dynamic Dave
When you say cut of the plugs, do you mean cut them off and
re-solder them back into the plugs?

No, Robin means that you cut the plugs and sockets off and solder the wires together. Red to Red, blue to blue, etc. If the thought of soldering them together sounds daunting, then I would imagine you could use electical terminal connecting blocks instead.

Previous posts by Robin on the repairs:-

Is this safe to do, considering its the air bag safety system?

Disconnect the battery the evening before you do the job. ie, leave battery off overnight so that the airbag capacitors discharge. Double check your work before reconnecting the battery.
306 Airbag issue - Robin the Technician
Thanks for saving me the time typing the previous posts etc.

Quite right about the battery disconnection- it is important.
These are the views of Robin the Technician with 35 years in the trade. I fix, therefore I am...
306 Airbag issue - Murl
Same problem here. Airbag light flashes constantly. Did read on this site that someone cut the wires and re-soldered, is this safe, anyone else carried out this repair?
Does anyone know if Peugeot care about this problem, any Peugeot people out there who would like to comment. (car is 306 XLi R reg)

{Shouting (ie, posting solely in UPPER CASE) amended - DD}
306 Airbag issue - tigermoth999

The 'air bag light' started flashing on my 306 Meridian TD yesterday. Having read numerous threads on this topic - offering various 'fixes' i decided to check the wiring/connections under the front seats. The connections appeared ok and in good order, and wiggling the wires and wire block connections did not stop the dash light flashing. So, i disconnected the battery, then removed both the front seats (4 Torx bolts on each), cut the block connectors off and then replaced them with electrical 'bullet' connectors. The whole job took me about 40 mins in total. RESULT - SUCCESS - NO MORE FLASHING AIR BAG LIGHT!!!


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