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Transit seat fittings - musang
Here's one for ya!

Bought a 2001 '51 reg ex-BT Transit (I think that means its a Mark 5) which has a single front passenger seat, which I'd like to replace with a double seat. Since new ones are £800 and second hand ones are rare as rocking horse pooh, the plan is to get an older one and use a seat cover.

The four holes in my van's floor form a rectangle, 40 cm wide and 32 cm back to front, the left pair a couple of cm from the edge of the step recess. I'll go and measure a few old ones up at the breaker's some time soon, but would value some informed opinion.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the anchorages in the floor compatible on earlier versions.

If not, is there a way to adapt an earlier seat to the newer version's holes in the floor.

Does anyone know anyone in Ford who's in a position to advise? My local Ford dealers have nothing to gain by helping me so aren't interested in even showing me some diagrams in technical manuals.

Many Thanks - musang

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