Who designs Mercs? - Armitage Shanks {p}
There was all the controversy some time back when we learned that a man called Chris Bangle had designed some slightly odd looking BMWs. However, although the designs may not have been pleasing on the eye it wasn't Bangle who decided to put them into production - it was top management.

On the other hand I like the look of the current crop of Mercs, with reservations about the 4x4s and R series. I think the CLS looks marvellous but who designs these cars? Perhaps it is a committee rather than an individual although I think the results are excellent.
Who designs Mercs? - Vincent de Marco
They act as if it was a secret of some kind. They should be proud, really.
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Who designs Mercs? - rogue-trooper
I think that the current crop look great although not sure about all of them.

A - too small
B - looks good
C - new one looks much better now that it is a mini-S rather than a mini-E
E - a bit boring although estate looks better
S - looks OK for a big car and much better than a 7 Series
CLK - a bit too bland
SLK - OK if that's your thing
SL - looks great
CL - ditto
CLS - ditto
ML - a bit poncy
GL - what the ML should look like, but it is HUGE
V - hmmm.
Who designs Mercs? - Mad Maxy
I think the Merc range looks pretty good. The real looker is the SL, and the CLS isn't far behind. The weakest is the S*.

What impresses me is the M-B have a model in just about every car segment - although the A and B can't really be classed as MPVs. Merc have spent a fortune on product development.

*Oh, the V. Well, that's just a van, isn't it?
Who designs Mercs? - Group B
It seems Chris Bangles' opposite number at Merc is a bloke called Hans-Dieter Futschik.

This page seems to have various designers listed for different models if you can decifer it, its not very clear what is going on:
www.whnet.com/4x4/design.html .

Most cars are styled by a "design team" and its not often that designers become well known, but there are some that spring to mind, like Ian Callum.
Chris Bangle is Chief of BMW design, with 250 staff under him. If the look of the new cars had not caused the controversy they have (people in the US petitioning BMW to sack him) then I dont suppose many people would have heard of him.
Who designs Mercs? - Pugugly {P}
In Bangle's defence, he didn't design all the current BMWs. Taking the 7 series as an example of his work everybody said that BMW were doomed. Well they're still being sold - at a profit and none of the factories have been shipped to China - so something must be right. I will concede that the current 5 series is not as nice as the old shape one. Basically I'm not sure I care who designed "my" car. I like it.
Who designs Mercs? - Group B
Personally although I dont think the 5 series looks as good as the previous model but they do look alright. Also Z4's look alright. Its some of the lines around the flanks and rear lights of the 3 series that I think look too fussy.
IMO that Merc CLS looks plain weird from the rear. The sloping back end "four door coupe" vaguely reminds me of some yank saloons but I cant remember any examples at the mo...
Who designs Mercs? - Avant
Whoever designed the diesel B-class was profoundly deaf.
Who designs Mercs? - The Honourable
Whoever designed the new C Class and the luuuverrlly flared arches of the new S/SL should be admonished. Agree about the CLS though.
Who designs Mercs? - RobC
Whoever designed the interior of the new C Class deserves a medal. Whereas the MK1 had cheap, nasty looking plastic fittings, the MK 2 gaining better quality plastics but still fairly ordinary looking, the MK 3 is 3rd time lucky!

Clearly Mercedes have done their homework. I look forward to seeing the estate version.
Who designs Mercs? - barchettaman
No-one´s mentioned the R class yet...
Who designs Mercs? - Armitage Shanks {p}
I did, in my OP! I expressed mild reservations.
Who designs Mercs? - barchettaman
Oops! Sorry AS!
Who designs Mercs? - L'escargot
All cars are designed by a whole team of people, not by just one person. The bigger the company the bigger the team will generally be. It could run into hundreds.
Who designs Mercs? - rcspeirs
I drove an R class last weekend ( a rather spectacular rental car upgrade from the Passat that I'd paid for ).
It can only be described as wilfully ugly, and stupidly large. Completely unsuited to the streets of 90% of Europeans towns and cities.
The 320CDI engine was impressive and economical though.

Agree with others about the CLS. Wonderful. Though my partner loaths that one with a passion - describes it as a squashed t*rd.
Who designs Mercs? - PW
Saw first R Class on the road on Monday, albeit parked in local sorting office. They are massive. Almost asked the driver what they were like as was quite intrigued by it. Didn't like it in the photos, but now have seen one am not sure. To my eyes, is quite an odd design. Not quite estate car, not quite SUV, not quite HGV but very close.

If I had the money would be too big for me, would have to be a CLS instead.
Who designs Mercs? - rogue-trooper
Meant to put in the R class - where some don't like it, I think it is the most appealing car (to me) in their range. Shame it is so damn expensive.
Who designs Mercs? - PW
Have heard there are some big discounts on the R already (Top Gear recently quoted £15K off a top of the range one).

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