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Meriva gearbox problem - bogwoppit
I have a 2004 Meriva 1800cc 16v. In the last few days it has been difficult to get it into 2nd and sometimes 1st. From a cold start it is ok, but as the car gets warmer the problem gets worse.

Any ideas anyone?
Meriva gearbox problem - keithd
It's probably a problem with the gear linkage. It is a common problem on the Corsa C and I have replaced this on a 2003 Corsa recently. The symptoms were similar to yours with difficulty engaging first and especially second. The replacement linkage has metal ball joints as opposed to the plastic ones which wear out more quickly. If it's still under warranty it might be worth contacting Vauxhall as they might do it free of charge if you're lucky.
Meriva gearbox problem - sonic2

was it hard to change the linkage and how to do it briefly ,ie can i get under car or is it from the engine part thanks andy


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