Burning Oil - Simon West
Can anybody help me please?

I own a 16 year old Audi 80 1.8 GL which after 130,000 miles is still going strong but has started to 'smoke' from the exhaust on acceleration. The mechanic who serviced my car recently said that this is common on old VW/Audi engines and is due to the rubber valve guide seals going hard. He said that it was possible to buy a petrol additive which had the effect of softening these seals reducing the smoke produced. I have not been able to find such an additive in the usual high street shops. Any ideas please?

RE: Burning Oil - honestjohn
Dear Simon,

These engines usually need new valve stem seals every 80,000 miles. It's a head on job and costs roughly £100.

RE: Burning Oil - Dave N
I think if it's the stem seals, they only usually smoke on start-up. I'm not sure about the additive either, because if it's added to the fuel, how will it get to the stem seals that are not in the fuel flow?
RE: Burning Oil - honestjohn
When the valve is open the stem is esposed to the fuel + additive.


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