Fiesta Mk3 steering very light - James!
I'm hoping someone can help me with this strange problem...

At the beginning of the week I noticed that in the first quarter of turn to the left the wheel was very light and over the week it's spread to both sides almost to full lock both ways. It's very disconcerting because I get hardly feedback through the steering wheel at all and I could drive all day using just a finger and thumb!

The car's a 94 L-reg Popular just past the 80K mile mark. Just had a whole new exhaust and new rear shocks put on it, the tyres were fine last weekend but I'm going to check them in the morning.

Any suggestions?
Fiesta Mk3 steering very light - milkyjoe
i would check the tyre pressures, should be 29 psi front and 26 psi rear, also i would take it back to whoever fitted the rear shocks and ask them to take a look
Fiesta Mk3 steering very light - James!
The tyre pressures were spot on. I know a local mechanic so I'll get him to check it out for me.

Thanks for the reply!

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