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Primera Diesels - XF8U
I am looking to but a W X or Y reg primera diesel. Does anyone have any experience of these. Are the the new common rail type or the older ones?
Does anyone have any power or performance figures fir this model?
Thanks in advance
I used to run a 2001 Primera diesel as a pool car. It was an awful machine. The engine was very rough and noisy, and pretty gutless (90 BHP or thereabout IIRC), and not very efficient <40mpg. I like diesel engines, but compared to an old XUD unit this was a tractor engine. I didn't particularly like the rest of the car either - I couldn't get comfortable in it, and it gave me back ache - I just couldn't get the chair back far enough for my liking.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Jap diesels of that age were hopeless. It seems that they may by now have caught up with the Europeans with their latest offerings, but I'm going to give it a bit longer before parting with my cash. Fuel economy and fuel system durability are my main areas of concern, especially as most Jap diesel systems are European designs built by them under licence. They don't always get it right.

I think if you need a diesel of that age, you would be better off with a European offering, although the reliability of the rest of the vehicle may not be up to much.

I ended up with a VAG PD diesel - so far, very good.

I ended up with a VAG PD diesel - so far,
very good.

Would be my pick as well.

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