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Trading in with bodywork damage - prthomas

I have a 2000 X plate Xsara Picasso 1.6 SX with average mileage. Condition is generally good and is fully serviced with recent new exhaust and tyres. I am looking to upgrade now to a 7 seater, probably a Touran or Zafira. The problem is there is damage to the front wing where a cyclist ran into it whilst cycling on a pavement about 3 years ago which has left an indent about the size of a dinner plate and also there is small damage to the roof from where my roof box and rack slid off when I was going down the A3. Neither of these are major damage, which is why they did not bother me at the time, however now coming to sell I was wondering how much these could affect the trade in value.

Is it worth trying to get this fixed before I trade in or what sort of reduction could I expect?

Trading in with bodywork damage - tr7v8
If I was valuing it I'd decide that since you couldn't be bothered to repair it, what else have you not been bothered with that I can't see? Servicing, tyres......
Trading in with bodywork damage - martint123
There are so many for sale that people would pick the one that looks nicer. I guess a dealer would have to fix it to sell, so he will use it as an excuse to beat you down at inflated rates.

Trading in with bodywork damage - Pugugly {P}
Get a price from a SMART repairer should be a lt cheaper than a body shop.
Trading in with bodywork damage - mscott
I recently traded a Rover 75 with a scratched rear door. The dealer reckoned it would cost him £300 to repair the door so offered me "book" price minus £300. Simple.
Trading in with bodywork damage - Westpig
i know this might not be truly ethical and i'll admit to a reasonable amount of guilt, but not enough to stop me doing it

my wife had a Peugeot 306 estate, 6 years, old lowish mileage which we wanted to trade in, generally very nice and tidy car, except:

the car had 2 good clonks, either side at the back.......1, where she caught the gate post getting into a drive...and then kept going!!!...2, someone kindly left a decent dink in car park and left no Id.

the gate post one, included door trim and big scratches to the rear bumper surround

had them both done by a local lad for £200, that i wouldn't let anywhere near a car normally (except bumpers), who did the whole rear bumper as well, which covered some minor dog type scratches

wasn't a bad job, but neither was it a good one

got £250 over trade price on the trade in (as part of the deal)...which i would never have got otherwise, they would have knocked off loads
Trading in with bodywork damage - yorkiebar
Get an estimate for a repair.

Compare with how much you think the damage would affect you if you were buying it.

Then choose the least expensive route. (repair I would think )
Trading in with bodywork damage - Brian Tryzers
> small damage to the roof from where my roof box and rack slid off when I was going down the A3...did not bother me at the time...

Trading in with bodywork damage - AlastairW
I've traded damaged cars in twice, but in both cases they were near the end of their lives and as the damage didn't affect the way they drove it just got left.
In both cases I got approx £200 for the car, and think the next stop after the garage was the scrappy for both of them - there ARE benefits to those outfits that will take absolutely anything in part-ex :-)
Trading in with bodywork damage - Blue {P}
Don't bother fixing it, normally if the garage want to do the deal they will simply make an offer on the trade-in minus the "*trade cost* of repairing the damage, which is always much less than what you can get it done for.

That's what I always did with my customers anyway, we also did it when they were honest enough to declare serious mechanical problems, one of them was about to spend £500 getting her Ka fixed and then trade it in. We offered her the normal price of her car minus about £250 if she bought straight away without fixing her Ka, she was well chuffed :-)


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