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Peugeot 406 warning light - AllanN
Hi Guys

I have a 406 estate, W reg and HDI 90 engine
I have 2 questions concerning the display panel.
Recently I have started to get a warning light I havent seen before. It is to the right of the panel, immediately above the temp guage, next to the fog lamp lights. It looks like it could represent fuel or liquid as there seems to be a couple of wavy lines in a tank. I live on a hill and it only appears when the engine is cold, usually for as long as I am going up the hill. Once I level off it vanishes. I cant find anything in the Haynes manual about it so if some one can enlighten me I may not have to worry too much - there is nothing worse than not knowing what a light means.
The 2nd question concerns the digital display in the centre. There is a "spanner" which I am sure is linked to oil changes etc and I believe it can be reset by a combination of the 2 reset buttons on the set into the panel.I have tried every combination I can think of but can't crack it. Could someone please tell me how to reset it.
Thanks for your advice and help
Peugeot 406 warning light - Quinny
To extinguish the spanner:

Press andhold the small button,at the bottom extreme right of the dsahboard,and turn the ignition on.

Keep it pressed,and wait until the timer ticks down .

Peugeot 406 warning light - mjm
If it is just wavy lines in a "tank", it would probably be the engine coolant tank level is low. The fact that it goes out on level ground shows that it is only down a little. If you top it up, make sure that you add antifreeze, it's going to be cold this week!
If the wavy lines also have two "jets of water" pointing up, it's the screenwash level.

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