Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
I am now driving C5 2.0 HDI the annoying feature is that after 20 minutes of listening to the radio without the engine running it shuts down to "economy mode".The only way to get the radio or accesories to power up again is to start the engine,then you get 10 minutes of radio.This feature is so that you do not flatten the battery, fair enough but it is silly that you have to start the car each time to turn the radio back on.Does anny one know of a way around this feature as its driving me nuts.

rustbucket (the original)
Citroen c5 economy mode - Dynamic Dave
Not a C5, but apparantly the same feature on the Picasso can be changed for a longer time out period.

Best thing is to check with your Citroen deaeler.
Citroen c5 economy mode - LeePower
Book it in at the nearest Citroen dealer.

Pay one hours labour.

Let them change one setting in you BSI configuration set up to turn the economy mode function to OFF.

Job done.

Economy mode is normal on any multiplexed PSA vehicle.
Citroen c5 economy mode - cheddar
It is one hour default on the Mondeo though can be changed, is it not in the hand book?, otherwise the dealer should advise FOC.
Citroen c5 economy mode - LeePower
Its dealer only on the PSA stuff.

Has to be set up / adjusted / turned on or off via the computer
Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
Thanks for the info, contacted Citroen garage they say can be done only in BSI diagnostic for half hours labour.
rustbucket (the original)
Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
Update on this, C5 in for service and fix depolution system fault,as they had diagnostics connected (save me £75 for this to be done) asked if economy mode could be set from 20 minutes to 1hour .On this version of firmware it is not adjustable apparently so looks like I will have to put up with this irritating feature.
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Citroen c5 economy mode - Armitage Shanks {p}
On my 307 I can get out of economy mode by just turning on the ignition = I don't need to start the engine. Have you tried that?
Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
Yes on this stuppid version after ecconomy mode is active you have to have engine running for the same lenght of time for radio to be on after engine off .ie if engine running for 10 minutes after economy mode active will give you 10 minutes of radio use. 15 minutes of engine run will give you 15 minutes of radio use and so on.
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Citroen c5 economy mode - NVH
The default for the radio was 30 minutes on my 51 plate C5.
I now have an 04 plate with this feature.

On the plus side: I left my sidelights on 2 days ago after driving in fog and that saved me from a flat battery.
Note that the 12v sockets are normally excluded from eco mode if you are running cool boxes in this delightful weather :-)
Citroen c5 economy mode - madf
yet another reason not to buy a French car. SWMBO's 1993 Peugeot 106 allows unlimited time with the ignition switch to first position.

Progress? You joke.

French car designers and logic appear mutually incompatible.
Citroen c5 economy mode - happytorque
As far as im aware, its possible to totally disable the economy mode.
Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
Not according to the information I have aquired to date ,but will make further checks as It really annoys me as I tend to listen to the radio in dinner hour -just as you get to an interesting topic to listen to "econnomy mode " enables.
rustbucket (the original)
Citroen c5 economy mode - jc2
Why do people want to spend so long just sitting in their cars??;is it to hide from SWMBO??
Citroen c5 economy mode - rustbucket
Maybe in some cases, but in mine I like others who spend thier job working on the road its also my office
rustbucket (the original)
Citroen c5 economy mode - DP
I had this "ECO MODE" on a 206 rental I had last year, and I found it a ridiculously cumbersome and overcomplicated solution.

The system Ford used for 10+ years is much simpler and works far better in my opinion. The radio goes off with the ignition (as you want it to 99.9% of the time), but if not, you just press its "On" button, and it will work for an hour before turning itself off again. If after an hour you want another hour, just repeat. No need to touch the ignition key at all, and a function of the radio itself rather than the car's wiring, so any problems can't affect any other system on the car.

C4 economy mode - Citroënian {P}
Aaargh. Our C4 was updated (yet again) on a recall to some new firmware version that has brought about some amazing features :

.Radio turns off after 10 mins and needs a engine start to come back on

.Interior lights switch off after 15 secs (great in the dark when unloading the car or trying to take out the rear seats)

.Only map lights work when engine is on (can't turn on interior light when driving, at all)

.Windows won't close if left open and ignition off for more than a minute. Engine restart required

.follow me home headlights only switch onnable for 30 secs after engine off. Genius, as I only ever walk away from the car in the dark, I much prefer falling over the shrubbery when heading back to it in the dark so don't need to switch them on a return to the car.

This is driving me nuts and is making the car a real PITA over the winter - the Interweb seems to tell us that the delays aren't changeable or switch-off-able either.

Seems to me that some pink fluffy dice has been let loose with the multiplexed electronics and hasn't thought it through at all from the customer point of view - how about an economy mode that comes in at either half an hour or when the door deadlocks are activated but leave useful (and timed options like follow me home) operational.

A good car but being made a real pain by stupid software.


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