Shipping a gearbox - Aprilia
I need to get a faulty 5-sp gearbox shipped from Cheshire down to the East Midlands. Its not any great value (£100 or so - I just want it for parts) - I've been staggered at how much couriers want to charge (£80+) and on a pallet its something like £75+VAT.
Anyone got any ideas on how I could cheaply ship this gearbox, short of driving up there and getting it myself...
Shipping a gearbox - mfarrow
Parcelforce will ship 50kg in 48 hours for £50 - maybe it'll fit in one of those big cheap plastic storage boxes from Tesco's?

Mike Farrow
Shipping a gearbox - Phil I
Have a word with one or two of your local hauliers. They woould probably be able to do this for you much cheaper than PO or Express carrier but only on the basis that they have been able to fit the collection in to suit themselves (i.e.. with some other job from the same area so that your job will just be a little sweetner to their package.) Only of use of course if you are in no hurry for the bits. Notes no invoices of course.

Phil I
Shipping a gearbox - local yokel
P'raps you've got something to offer in return by way of time/skill/favour. The VW crew seem to do quite well offering to move parts around to help out:
Shipping a gearbox - Mapmaker
I use for courier deliveries. They ship up to 30kg for a tenner or so, and I believe they do pallets for about £50. They use UPS, so you get a tip-top service for a bargain rate.


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