Focus C-Max clock - uptheowls
We've a 2004 C-max with the touch screen DVD and connot find an way possible to set the clock. It is currently in 24hr mode 12 hours out and 10 mins fast. The hand book says hold the menu button in for as short time but this only brings up a "Diag enter PIN" prompt which I assume is diagnostics. The clock cant be set using the crap on-board trip on the indicator stalk. Any ideas or places/poeple to talk to as Ford want me to "book it in" chance at £80 an hour.
Focus C-Max clock - caesar
Sorry cant help you with your clock,but ford wanting to book the car in to have a go at changing the clock just makes me chuckle.Whatever happened to,bring it along and we'll have a peep at it for ya.
Try halfords if you cant get any joy off here,apparently they're quite useful for sat nav settings and such.
Focus C-Max clock - dodo
My C-Max TDci 2.0 Ghia has just returned from the Ford dealer for its two year service. For the first time in those two years the clock was at the right time! Mind you I have just popped out to buy a paper and see its back to its old self. At least a stopped clock is right twice a day!

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