Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - Kingpin
I wondered if you could throw some light on a problem that has recently developed - car is a 1998 Galaxy V6 Ghia Auto 74,000 miles. When starting from cold and putting into 'D' or 'R' there is a delay for about 10 seconds before the car responds and starts moving, as if it is in neutral then suddenly the transmission engages and it surges forward or backward.
Recently the gearbox mountings were replaced by the main dealer and I wondered if they might have disturbed some of the multiplug connections, or it may be a problem with the selector (dirty connections, worn etc).
When it is warmed up it is fine, changes perfectly no problems.
I thought it might be the selector in the car as some Vauxhalls can display similar problems with age.

Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - Screwloose

Sounds silly; but have you checked the fluid level. The handbook should give the required procedure.
Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - bell boy
i agree with screwloose on this, i seem to have had quite a few autos down on fluid this year,my thinking is they never ever get checked (even if they have a dipstick).
Be sure to check the handbook for the correct procedure though as again already said.
Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - MW
What colour is the gearbox fluid? When was it last changed? A sluggish box often can be sluggish oil. For £50ish a good independant autospecialist can give it a power flush, and if possible (its a Ford?? I am not sure) change the fluid filter.
Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - jc2
It says Ford on the front but engine/g'box are VW!!
Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - LeePower
VW V6 lump, oh dear.

Dont worry about it, the box will have to come off soon enough when one of the timing chains snap ;-)
Ford Galaxy V6 Automatic - Kingpin
Cheers, thanks for the suggestions. It is the Volkswagen V6 engine I think same as in the Golf - I didn't know it was a timing chain rather than belts, worried they might snap now!
It may well be old or low fluid level as when Ford dealer changed some leaking gearbox seals might not have topped it up properly since problem only started since they did the work. Don't want to go back there due to big bills and age of car doesn't justify it. Also had problems with coils, HT leads misfiring etc but sorted now. Goes well for it's age. Will check fluid asap.

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