Windscreen wipers. 2002 Corsa - wrangler_rover
I have a 52 plate Corsa 1.2
The front windscreen wipers stop in different positions, not as they should at the bottom of the screen when the wipers are used and turned off.
Do I need to fit a new windscreen wiper relay?
If so, is it a main dealer purchase or can one be obtained from an accessory shop?
Any advice appreciated.
Windscreen wipers. 2002 Corsa - Victorbox
I can only comment about a Mk 3 Cavalier that displayed the same problem & was fixed with new relay as you suggest. Relay was in the fusebox under dash but where it is on your Corsa I wouldn't know. Simple pull out (more like wiggle out) & push back job & relay was about £10 ..... but that was in 1989!

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