Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - eurocourier
Opinions sought please.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Quinny100
Rare classics aside, non-depreciating and car are mutually exclusive.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - eurocourier
I doubt any Chrysler 300 CRD owners would agree with that...
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - madf
Non depreciating car is an oxymoron.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - bell boy
Non depreciating car is an oxymoron.

Why cant he buy an oxymoron then as it must be pretty rare as ive never seen one near me ;-o
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Murphy The Cat
But sadly as Arnie caost me (just and so) over £25k, I'm not allowed to plug my opinion on this thread.

Which is a shame;)
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - y2k+4
A MINI Cooper S?

A 3-year old prestige German diesel that's done most of it's depreciating (can you get CLS's at this price?)? Maybe an A6 Avant TDI?
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - mk124
The original Mini?


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Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - sine
New or classic?
300C CRD or a brand new MINI probably two of the best as others have said.
Purhaps a 2nd hand Monaro might be quite good as well.
Early 1990's BMW M3 / M5 but risk of large maintenance bills
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - storme
the new Audi A3 diesel
sometimes a little bit too much opinion....but its only because i care !!!
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Roly93
the new Audi A3 diesel

Any A3 or A4 diesel is a good bet....
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - colinh
A recent survey based on 2003 new 2006 trade prices gave the following three-year depreciation percentages:

Mini (2001-)3Dr Hatchback 1.6 Cooper S 33.24%
Audi A4 (2001-04) 2Dr Cabriolet 2.4 33.88%
Honda Civic (2000-) 3Dr Hatchback 2.0i Type R 30th Anniv 37.59%
Lotus Elise (1996-) 2Dr Convertible 1.8 (Revised 2001) 37.79%
Kia Sorento (2003-)5Dr Station Wa gon 2.5 CRDi XE38.32%
VolkswagenGolf (1998-04)3Dr Hatchback 3.2 V6 R32 4Motion 40.45%
Audi TT (1999-) 2Dr Coupe 1.8 T [180 bhp] Quattro 6spd 41.14%
Audi A3 (19 96-03) S3 3Dr Hatchback 1.8T [225 bhp] S3 Quattro 41.76%
Honda Jazz (2002-) 5Dr Hatchback 1.4i DSI SE Sport 42.70%
Kia Sorento (2003-) 5Dr Station Wagon 2.5 CRDi XS 42.93%

I don't think it was commissioned by Kia!

Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - carl_a
I believe the best is the Kia Picanto. For a very simple reason, it costs less to buy.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - MichaelR
Porsche 911, if we are allowed to include used cars.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - eurocourier
Now you're talking - please feel free to elaborate further.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - daveyjp
Take a look on autotrader - for £17,000 you can have a 1967 ex USA LHD or a 1993 UK spec soft top! To keep a 911 value up you need to be spending cash keeping it in tip top condition - i.e. far more than depreciation will cost you in the long run.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - spikeyhead {p}
There's more to it than just the nominal depreciation, its the overall cost that counts.

Whilst a Porsche 911 won't depreciate quickly, the depreciation is more milage related than age related. Choose carefully and you'll get something that doesn't depreciate too much until you come to sell it and then you realise just how few people will buy a £20k car from a private seller. For servicing allow £1k/year, a set of tyres will cost a similar amount and if you're driving enthusiastically then you won't get many miles out of them.

Something like a Caterham 7 will depreciate even less and people do buy these privately. The running and maintenance costs will be much less than the Porsche but the practicalities of running of of these as an everyday car are limited by two narrow seats and enough luggage space for a briefcase, provided that you're briefcase is smaller than average.
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Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - BazzaBear {P}
Obvious answer, buy a second hand car for sub £1k, it will hardly depreciate at all.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - csgmart
A used S-Type Jag? After about 6 years they seem to hold their value well and you do get a lot for your money.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Cliff Pope
By definition a car doesn't stop depreciating until it has reached rock bottom value. Then, if it is still running and is looked after carefully, its value will stay at that level, until it starts to become a classic.

So if you want the real answer to your question, any car with a year's MOT costing less than £200.

But I suspect you don't actually want an answer - anyone with £25k to spend on a car is not interested in depreciation.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - eurocourier
Believe me: I am very interested in depreciation. My main priority is how well it would hold its value, and I wouldn't have posted the question had I not wanted replies. Thanks for the clarification of a definition though.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Nsar
You're going to face some compromise between low depreciation and owning a car that you want, so please tell us what kind of car catches your eye.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - madf
a £25K Ferrari might fit the bill..

But so might a 30 year old immaculate Bristol 411

Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Dyane 6 Mehari
My wifre bought a one-owner Citroen AX GT a couple of years ago for £800, drove it for a year and then sold it for £1,000. That's fairly depreciation proof.

Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - local yokel
I'd hazard a guess that I could back get the £620 my 405 TD cost me a year ago. I have spent about £250 on it during the year, but my original capital looks in good shape.

Depreciation proof motoring really has to involve low amounts of capital - the cost of the capital at £25k and the risk of a car losing its reputation both add up. The 300C won't be a bullet-proof buy for ever, as plain common sense will take over in time when the market is saturated.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - Murphy The Cat
300C won't be a bullet-proof buy for ever, as plain common
sense will take over in time when the market is saturated.

Agreed, it won't be good forever, as times change. But given that Chrysler have no capacity to increase peduction over a few, saturation shouldn't be a problem.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - ForumNeedsModerating
Judging by your moniker (and reading between the lines) , I guess you're
after something practical, i.e. all the benefits of a modern family/suv/estate type
of thing - on that score it's perhaps more horses-for-courses than bare-bones
depreciation that's more important, since all cars depreciate between 30-60%
over 3-years or so - if you buy say, a Citroen C5 , nearly-new it'll already have
lost 30-35% (on manufacturers list !) at 6-9 months, so you're 'hit' has to be
calculated on that , not Glass's 'hit' from new - big difference.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a low-depreciating vehicle, of any
description, than perhaps a Mercedes W124 convertible with good provenance
& <80K miles (320 more 'desirable than 220, although prone to need cylinder head gasket
replacement) - a good one can be sourced, with a discerning eye, from £16K,
all the way to £21-22K .

Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - mk124
Eurocourier you seem to want a nice practical car, without any deprecation.

Why not chose a car with the lowest running costs for what you want, rather than focus on deprecation?

If deprecation is all important why not an old Roller or Bently, very nice, very capable cars. Or prehapps an old S class?

If a newish car is what you want why not a BMW, Volvo or Merc. they last forever (or did).

Very left field, a Nissan skyline. Cheapish, fast becoming a classic but with O.K interior space. Someone mentioned a Monaro too.


Torque means nothing without RPM
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - barchettaman
Buy a(ny) cabrio in the autumn, sell it in the spring.
Find a nice W124 soft top.
Just a thought.
Best non-depreciating car under £25k? - TurboD
There is an obvious erxample - any VW camper.
My T25 sold after 20 years at 17% of its new price- and I prretty well gave it away!
I could have got 25%, with some effort.
Most are appreciating now. Look aty the Bay Windows ones.
So get the modern equivalent and wave bye bye to silly depreciation- they keep their value very well, and don't rust either.
The engine was crap but new ones are fine

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