2001 Primera ABS - Burt
I have a 2001 old shape Primera which I had a major service on in Oct (coolant, brake fluid etc) at 67000m. Since then progressivley (it was a couple of weeks before I really noticed) I have had the ABS physically coming on all of the time when I have to brake, and, I can hear the pump working whilst I am driving and not braking - my rear pads are low but not at the metal / metal stage.

Are the service and the malfunction of the ABS connected? I'm taking it in for a mechanic to check in the next day or two.

Burt again (the fiesta is my father's car - it never rains!!!)
2001 Primera ABS - boll
Check for a small crack on the front reluctor ring on the CV joint. These cracks cause the ABS to cut in and out when breaking, you might notice it more at slower speeds.
2001 Primera ABS - Burt
Thanks boll, it's definitely at slow speeds. I have changed CV joints and gaiters before but not quiteb sure what a reluctor ring is?

2001 Primera ABS - LeePower
Have a look at the end of each drive shaft, you will find a toothed ring.

Thats the reluctor ring, The ABS sensor basically reads that as the driveshaft goes round.

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