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Story in today's Telegraph says that Hizonner Ken Livingstone is doing some kind of deal with the Venezuelan government for cheap fuel for TFL. Apparently in exchange for this cheap fuel the London Mayor's Ofrfice is to open a branch in Caracas, staffed by lucky Livingstonist bureaucrats on secondment. Their function will be to advise Caracas on how to deal with its traffic congestion problems.

I cannot help feeling that we the British are getting by far, by very far, the best of this deal. However the whole thing may be grossly distorted or even wholly invented, as the Telegraph is currently in the process of firing journalists having already laid off sub-editors, and seems to get more trivial, tabloid and crudely ideological - with honourable exceptions I could name of course - by the day.

The other thing I can't help wondering is how even so powerful an entity as London can just casually get round the controls on oil imports. But what do I know?

Had I the slightest interest in the well-being of Caracas residents I would urge them to repudiate this deal immediately. The last thing they want is fools building rubbish all over the road to hamper traffic flow and jimmying the traffic lights.

Unfortunately BR policy forbids me from naming the end of the stick Caracas would be getting.
Lucky Caracas - Armitage Shanks {p}
What controls are there on oil imports? If I can meet H&S regs etc can't I just import some? Some chap was privately importing petrol from Rotterdam to South Wales years ago and selling it thru his own chain of garages.
Lucky Caracas - Altea Ego
Well its easy isnt it.

Kens boys will help plan, install and run a congestion charge zone, ( a carga de la congestión)
It will cost 10 million bolivars to install, and each Caracas resident will be charged 300 bolivars to enter.

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Ha yes - Can see it now, happy to spend the countries oil money on grand projects, Chavez will learn a lot from Livingstone's team Luckily adopting the london model will mean bikes are exempt, so they won't have to bother with solving the unregistered bikes problem (a majority have never been registered). Though don't know how the anpr will cope with the no plates but the reg document sellotaped to the window instead option which a lot of caracas drivers seem to prefer.
Lucky Caracas - Honestjohn
It's not so bad at The Telegraph. After being made redundant the excellent and essential motoring desk PA is now back at her desk by popular demand.


Lucky Caracas - Lud
Glad to hear it HJ. But there has been a decline in some levels of quality with the new ed, stories appearing twice, typos in actual headlines, too much celeb stuff etc....
Lucky Caracas - JH
Not to mention the electric car reported as having a turbo charger a few weeks back. Now there's a technology I'd like to hear more about!
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got to agree, the standard that the motoring section has achieved over the last five years seems to have been lost these past few months,i thought it was just me.
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what OP said is worrying. I read the Economist and all I hear about Chaves is that he is increasingly totalitarian and keeps close ties to Cuba. Ken is becoming a deeper shade of red by the day.
Good to see some weakness in OPEC is benifiting the UK though.


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I've always maintained that Ken is Caracas..:-)

Appropriate too at this time of the year....
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