Bleed Nipples - Peter D
Does anyone now of a supplier or can you supply 1/4*28TPI UNF bleed nipples. They are for girling front callipers on a volvo 240 but Minis and P6 rovers and the like used then. Regards Peter
Bleed Nipples - Wales Forester
Is this what you're after, eBay item number 140065331876

Bleed Nipples - mjm
Peterd, a quick google found this site.
Bleed Nipples - mfarrow
Ref B618

Unfortunately P&P is over £3 so shop for other things you might need while you're at it.

Mike Farrow
Bleed Nipples - nick
Plenty of specialists out there. Buy a classic car mag and peruse, or get googling.
Bleed Nipples - wemyss
Not wanting to hijack the thread but was planning to change the brake fluid on the wifes 1993 Maestro Diesel on the first half decent day and thought I would change the bleed nipples as well cause the last time I did this the nipples were getting bit rough. However I couldnt find a site which gave the different sizes. Anybody know ??.
Bleed Nipples - bell boy
take the old nipple to any decent factor and they will sort you a box for a £5 + vodka
Bleed Nipples - Peter D
All the motor factors around here only stock metric if at all. I have bought the 10 off ebay £4.00 inc postage and they were posted this morning. Regards and Merry Christmas Peter

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