A good laugh on e-Bay! - cheddar

"From the US. You people drive cars that are way too small. I think I may have a car just like the one you are selling stuck in the tread of the
tire on my Pickup truck. It cause a small vibration around 75 mph. Steve
Steve, hi. And I may live in a house the same size as the ass you?re sat upon. No, only joking. The house isn?t that big. But it?s been fun trading national stereotypes with you."
A good laugh on e-Bay! - 1066
my ribs really hurt now. i havent laughed that much in ages
A good laugh on e-Bay! - Stuartli
I posted the line that it certainly made me smile about two hours ago - and forgot to send it...:-)
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A good laugh on e-Bay! - frazerjp
Yes i read that myself, but i didn't laugh though, don't know why?
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)

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