rav 4 fuel consumption? - kam
My parents have not long owned a 2002(my) 2.0vvti rav 4 auto.On average driving the vehicle fails to return more than 23-24mpg! allowing for it being an auto surely this can't be right?Has anybody else any experience of this or any suggestions?
rav 4 fuel consumption? - psi
2.0 VVT-I automatic 3-dr: 0-60 10.9 seconds; top speed 109mph; combined economy 30.4mpg. CO2 emissions 224g/km. VED Group E: £155pa. IG 10E (3-dr); 11E (5-dr)

is it used for short journeys / town driving & do they tow anything?

23-24 does not seem bad to me for a 4x4 auto petrol
rav 4 fuel consumption? - Aprilia
Sounds about right if used in urban/suburban motoring. I would expect a little more on a constant-speed run.
Remember that you have some losses in the autobox and then all the 4WD system to keep in motion.
rav 4 fuel consumption? - Falkirk Bairn
On average driving the vehicle fails to return more than 23-24mpg!

Neighbour has commented that his Rav4 (02) averages 25mpg (overall) and his is a manual. Can get 30 on a long run as long as he keeps it at 60-65mph - over that it goes down again.
rav 4 fuel consumption? - Spospe
We had a 1998 5 door manual RAV4 and over 32,000 miles it returned 32.2 mpg. The diriving was mixed town and motorway, with several longish (3000 mile+) French trips, normally with two people and luggage.
rav 4 fuel consumption? - Sprice
Little things like a dirty air cleaner, low tyre pressures (increased friction) and fitting wider wheels (increased aerodynamic coefficient) all decrease mpg, so presuming the car is standard, check tyre pressures or just accept the mpg is normal for the vehicle! IMO, it does sound a little on the low side, but depends how often 'kick-down' is used!
rav 4 fuel consumption? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
It is in the highest CO2 emission tax band which implies high fuel consumption.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
rav 4 fuel consumption? - oilrag
Sounds about right. ( 23mpg) Thats Petrol/auto/weight/4x4/aero.........

Probably the worst combination in the world for economy............
rav 4 fuel consumption? - mark999
Sounds about right my old saab99 auto would do 22mpg in summer 18mpg in winter

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