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Does anyone know what the average life of a car engine is these days; petrol and diesel. I realise there will be many variables. But what could you reasonably expect, from different sized engines, if you drove an average of say 10,000 miles a year and followed the manufacturer's recommended servicing?

car engines - mss1tw
Well over 100,000
car engines - frazerjp
In some cases over 200k +
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
car engines - stunorthants26
Im hoping to get 400,000 from a 1300 petrol with careful and regular servicing.
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I'll match your 400,000 & raise ya 200,000...

(stares impassively forward & takes a sip of water)

car engines - crol
So could you expect 150,000 from a 1 Litre engine?
car engines - mss1tw
Someone on here had 170,000 (I think) from a one litre Nova
car engines - yorkiebar
No reason why not !

Engines don't mysteriously implode when a certain mileage is used.

Regular servicing and maintenance, coupled with mechanical sympathy and sensible driving should equal many miles of motoring.
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Eughch! 170K in a NOVA! That must have been horrible.
car engines - 659FBE
I look after a Peugeot 106 1.5 diesel which has done 130k, starts on the button and still does 65 mpg. The engine has never been touched other than for 2 cambelt changes, but it has had oil and filter changes every 5k miles. Although it never needed additional oil between changes anyway, I'd say it uses less oil now than it did when new.

The rest of the car is getting a bit rattly though.

car engines - bbroomlea{P}
In my experience engines dont cause the car to be uneconomical to repair and they do outlast everything else. My old Rover 75 did over 225,000 on its original engine and was traded in with a fault not relating to it. We have 3 cars in our household (only 2 of us!), our Audi 53 has 114,000miles, 120,000 on a Rover 214 and 47,000 on a 53 plate MINI cooper.

All of which have done a higher than average mileage and its never bothered me, especially that you get more car for your money! I think even my Rover 200 would do 200K without too much bother, let alone the Audi and the MINI. All are serviced as per manufacturers recommendations and I think this is key - so many people I know dont bother with servicing and is a death sentence to an engine IMO - it is now one of the only servicable items on a new car that needs regular maintenace (and even that is becoming less and less!)

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I have a 405 TD on 176k, 93L plate. Daughter's 1.1 Punto is on 105k, sidelined due to an accident, but engine is fine, though it's had the oblig. head gasket. I took on my father's (from new) Cavalier 2.0 8v at 140k and put about 25k on it.

I'd be surprised if engine issues cause that many cars to be scrapped. Electronic issues are far more costly.
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I think that unless an engine has design faults it should last a very long time.
I think most problems come from not treating a car properly - driving sensibly over a long period of time, such as not thrashing a car, slowing for speed humps etc, has a huge influence over the cars ( or van in my case ) long term 'health'.
Servicing is also important and to use the correct fluids and parts as originally intended.
Im have to keep my van for 25 years or so and as such, its important for me to take good care of it from day one and continue to, so that when its pushing high miles, its not a timebomb of wear and tear.

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Eughch! 170K in a NOVA! That must have been

Your probably thinking of me, although it was acctually about 192k. I only owned it for the last 12k ish, and yes it was horrible, constant back ache and having the radio on full to drown out the various rattles.
car engines - crol
It sounds as though buying a small car that has done 100,000 miles would be a safe bet, as long as you can confirm that it has been well looked after. I suppose it will be the rest of the car that will give up first!

Thanks for all the replies

car engines - Cliff Pope
Whenever this question comes up I trundle out my stock reply - Volvo 240 1993, 360,000 miles and still counting.
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I recently read about two cars in the USA - one Saab which has done just over a million miles (still on original engine and transmission), and a Volvo which has done 2 million.
The Saab was in Wisconsin - so was starting to corrode badly because of the salt, but was still running OK.

Sounds like you guys have a way to go.....
car engines - DP
In my experience, the engines are not the problem, it's the cars themselves.

I have driven various cars with between 170,000 and 250,000 miles on them, including a mk3 VW Golf, Ford Mondeo, Mercedes C-Class, Vauxhall Cavalier and a Rover 600. The engines in all these cars sounded healthy and pulled fine, but noisy suspension, threadbare trim, and the acres of play in all the controls were by far the biggest problems. The Mercedes was the biggest disappointment in that it didn't appear to have coped any better than the bread and butter stuff.

Probably the most impressive was the Cavalier. A 1992 SRi 8 valve, it hadn't been serviced for nearly 60,000 miles and still sounded fine.

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I know people are fond of the mercedes E class: I had a 1988 260E. It went well enough but in 50k miles, the steering column key/column lock failed completely (new key and lock ££££), the suspension arm broke and the cyclinder head gasket went . No I did not drive excessively fast over rough roads and it was serviced by Mercedes. It was the second most unreliable car I had after a Rover 800.
The Rover's engine lasted 70k miles before its cylinder head gasket went.

But these were the only two cars I have driven for any time and distance where I have had any engine problems : since the Allegro I had nearly ran out of oil after 500 miles (from new).. the sump plug was loose and I blew up a Mini engine (burnt all oil then rod through block),

Nowadays 100% reliability is assumed as a given to over 100k miles: (which is part of the reason why Rover failed due to the well known HG problems )

car engines - SjB {P}
Probably the most impressive was the Cavalier. A 1992 SRi 8
valve, it hadn't been serviced for nearly 60,000 miles and still
sounded fine.

Funny you should write this today:
car engines - mrnikko
Two of my recent cars Renault Laguna 165,000 miles and still going strong and Renault 19 265,000 miles both diesel and serviced every 5000 miles is the key.
One of my friends has a Golf on 190,000 miles this is a petrol and still going well again regular servicing on this one.

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