Mondeo Mk3 'Thudding' on tickover - Yoby
My Mondeo has always done this a little bit if you drive half a mile and then stop at some lights the tickover pulses and a kind of thudding sound comes from the exhaust recycling system. However, over the past couple of months it has started doing this when the engine is warm and I am in a traffic block. It starts happening only having spent 10mins or so in traffic. Is this some kind of valve not opening? Not sure, but any suggestions would be very welcome!

Mondeo Mk3 'Thudding' on tickover - Aprilia
If its a petrol version it could be noise from the evap. emissions system? Some VAG's make this noise...
Mondeo Mk3 'Thudding' on tickover - Yoby
Yes, it is the petrol version. I am suspecting the evap emissions system too. Where to look though ..... I don't know!
Mondeo Mk3 'Thudding' on tickover - Yoby
What about disconnecting the EGR valve and plugging the hoses? Should this make a difference?

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