MGF PAS - stunorthants26
My sisters MGF has finally developed a fault.

When you turn the wheel clockwise, about 20 degrees round, it goes very stiff, then with a bit of effort, frees up again.
It only happens at one point and only going one way as far as I could tell.
It hasnt got worse for the last 6 months, but my sister wants to know where to point the mechanic.

The only time ive ever felt something similar was when I had a battered Rover 820 with a PAS leak and the steering weighted up and became 'sticky' when it was low on fluid, but my sisters car has fresh fluid, up to the level and it isnt using any fluid either.

Any ideas?
MGF PAS - stunorthants26
I forgot to ask, the rear wing on the MGF curves round and down the sill - is it structural? I think the first half of the visable sill is, but the second half, past the seam, looks like a panel as its all one piece and seems to be part of the rear wing?
MGF PAS - SteVee
The MGF has all electric PAS - there are no hydraulics involved.
What happens if you take out the fuse (under the bonnet - a big single fuse if I remember) ?
The steering should then feel perfectly normal, except a bit heavy at parking speeds. If you still have problems with the electrics disabled, then it's a mechanical problem.
Rover did not sell spare parts for the PAS system - you had to buy a complete new steering column (which incorporates the motor and torque sensors) - but you can probably get spares from any of the normal MGF sources now.

With regard to the 2nd part of the visible sill being structural - then I would think it is. This part was changed in the TF - there is no visible seam. Sills are typically a major structural component on a convertible.

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