Astra milky oil - crol

I recently went to Kwik Fit to have my oil changed on my Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Petrol 2001. I usually do this myself but due to ill health could not do it this time. They opened the filler cap and found that it contained milky white oil and recommended to have it flushed out and checked by a gargage because they felt the head gasket had gone.

The only problem with this is that I am not losing any water and the milky oil looks like its collected around the top of the filler cap and flowed down into the top end of the engine, so making it look worse.

Another factor has been that the wife has had it 2 weeks ago and only did short journeys, therefore could this just be condensation. I am back to my normal driving, 50 miles a day, but would this get rid of the milky oil or would it remain once there?

Any advise would be appreciated


Astra milky oil - Peter D
Oil and filter change and some good runs may resolve the issue. Keep an eye on the water level and the inside of the filler cap and wipe any mayo off it. If you are not loosing water then it should sort it. If there was a lot of mayo originally then change the oil again at 1000 miles. Regards Peter
Astra milky oil - carl233
May be thermal breakdown of the oil, do you know if it was a semi-synthetic? These symptoms can be common when multigrade oil is used on hot running engines.
Astra milky oil - crol
The oil being used is semi-synthetic. I have also noted that the engine is running at a lower temperature on the gauge, has this got a bearing on anything? But I still would expect the water to be disappearing.
Astra milky oil - Dynamic Dave
Quite common if has only been used for short journeys. My Vectra (and previous Vauxhalls I've had) do the same. Once you've taken it on a good run the oil should get hot enough to evaporate any moisture present in it.
Astra milky oil - piston power
I had the same car with the same problem, yes condensation and also a blocked breather pipe, the pipe from the block upto the rocker cover right hand side at the back looking from the front, there's a rubber hose with a spring clip use pliers/mole grips etc to undo it is tough give the pipe a good clean out in the sink rinse through with water all will be ok !! good luck.
Astra milky oil - crol
Thanks for the advice. I'll try cleaning out the breather pipe.

It seems that the advice from Kwik Fit may not be correct. I'm hoping so anyway.

Thanks for everyone's replies

Astra milky oil - Ruperts Trooper
Recent Astra 1.6 8v engines do seem particularly prone to mayo under the oil filler, much more so than older, smaller, variants of the same engine design.

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