Z4 uneven rear tyre wear - perleman
I looked at a 3.0 Z4 yesterday (first one I've seen). The rear o/s was down to about 3mm of tread and the n/s was down to 5mm - is this a cause for concern? Apart from that and mild scuffing of the alloys it seemed absolutely mint.
Z4 uneven rear tyre wear - Peter D
May be it had been replaced due to a puncture when the car was fairly new thus the 2 mm difference. Regards Peter
Z4 uneven rear tyre wear - Simon
If each individual tyre was worn evenly across its tread, then the fact that opposite side tyres have different tread depths, isn't really cause for alarm. Like Peter D said, it is most likely the one side has had a replacement tyre from a puncture.

If the tyres in question had odd wear across their tread, ie feathered edges etc, then that would indicate an alignment problem that would be wise to investigate before thinking about purchasing the car.
Z4 uneven rear tyre wear - perleman
many thanks

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