Pug 405td new Radiator - gsb
Has anyone changed the rad on a late 405 ( Jan 95 ) . According to Haynes to remove the bottom hose with a bayonet type connector you have to remove the body front panel assembly to get at it. Looks like a real pain in the backside ( Unbelievable)
I hope this is not the case.

Pug 405td new Radiator - cholin
I do not know the layout of the 405td but I had to change the rad on my early 406td. The man from whom I got the replacement said "You'll have trouble with the bottom hose." This is the "clip in" type and was well and truly welded in. His advice was to saw through the bottom radiator pipe, remove the radiator and then separate the hose from the remnants of the pipe and when reconnecting the hose put some lubricant on the connector before pushing it into the new rad. I forgot this last bit and had a struggle with it and only remembered after I'd nearly ruptured myself getting it back in. The bottom pipe is plastic and 406td 2.1's being so cramped I couldn't get a saw down there but found I could burn through it with a hot soldering iron and also split it off the hose. The hose itself appears to be permanently fixed to a hideousely expensive manifold so in my case to pe preserved at all costs. I did not have to remove any panels.
I realise that if your set-up is wildly different the above may be a waste of space but I hope you might find something helpful there.
Pug 405td new Radiator - gsb
cholin, thanks I also have a 98 2.1td and replaced the rad on that last month, relatively easy,bayonet type. To be honest I haven't got down and dirty with the 405's yet (the wifes). Just read this in Haynes
Pug 405td new Radiator - LeePower
Whole front end panel of the 405 just bolts on.

Look at your haynes manual again, isnt that difficult of a job, it looks hard but it aint.

1 hour tops to strip it down & you will have a nice big open space to work in.
Pug 405td new Radiator - gsb
Thanks for info, but still a pain in the ----
Pug 405td new Radiator - Martin1981
Had same problem when changing the rad in my 306 a few years ago with that dreaded bayonet connection. Ended up removing the wheel arch liner and screenwash bottle, undoing the bottom hose from the water pump and feeding it through. Took an entire morning and several scraped knuckles but was worth it in the end.

Pug 405td new Radiator - BobC
On my late 1994 (1995 model year) 405 GTX 2-litre petrol, I found it easiest to remove the radiator with the bottom hose still attached, having disconnected the hose at the water pump end. Similarly, the new radiator was lowered into position with the bottom hose already attached to it.

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