Eratic running Toyota Previa - normd
Hi, Just bought another older (1991) UK spec 2.4 Previa, it runs well except that it will not maintain a steady throttle until you're up to motorway speeds although even then slight fluctuations can be felt. At idle the revs can be seen to drop sharply away only to quickly rise again. It starts fine and accelerates strongly, in all other respects it runs well for a 15 year old. Anyone any ideas?
Eratic running Toyota Previa - Sprice
Possibly idle control valve. As you just bought it, you cant be sure when stuff has been changed. New plugs, fuel filter, air filter, dizzy cap etc etc wont hurt, (give throttle body a good clean with some carb cleaner and a toothbrush)!
Eratic running Toyota Previa - Greg R
I have the same problem with my Carina e 2.0. Will probably be the same thing causing the problem though!

Let us know of your progress!

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