Citroen Hdi frustration! - boggyman
Am the owner of an 04 berlingo Hdi, the van mostly runs fine but has days when it totally lacks go- has been into Citroen under warranty, twice they plugged it into diagnostic comp to no avail, last time reloaded software into management system which seemed to work for a while, but is now back to it's usual gutless self; does not rev freely and struggles to reach over 60, am considering getting rid to save my sanity-any ideas?

Citroen Hdi frustration! - Screwloose

If it's got a particle filter in the exhaust; that could be breaking up. There may be a vacuum-controlled butterfly valve in the inlet manifold feed pipe; they stick. The plastic air-inlet pipe to the turbo can soften and suck flat - usually after a long run and if the air filter is getting close to it's time.

The ECU may also be going into limp-home because it's detecting some fault - have you had the check engine warning light coming on?
Citroen Hdi frustration! - boggyman

no engine warning light-yet, will ask the garage to check the particle filter and butterfly valve while it's still under warranty. may be out of order here but I get the impression that if plugging it into the computer doesn't solve the problem they don't know what to do!
'scuse ignorance but are the Hdi engines turbo or not? I thought so, garage says not!

many thanks
Citroen Hdi frustration! - LeePower
If the garage dont even know a simple fact like that then find another dealer.

All HDIs have turbos.
Citroen Hdi frustration! - PhilW
"are the Hdi engines turbo or not? I thought so, garage says not!"

Ye gods, agree with LeePower.
Certain they don't have a particle filter though.
Where are you, perhaps we can recommend a better garage/independent?

Citroen Hdi frustration! - LeePower
04 plate is still under Citroen warranty, Time to find a better dealer
Citroen Hdi frustration! - boggyman
thanks folks
am in the stafford area-any suggestions on good garages would be more than welcome.As I now know for certain that it has a turbo, when it is not running right it feels like the turbo is just not kicking in!
Citroen Hdi frustration! - LeePower
In simple talk: If its not running right then the ECU will stick it in limp home mode & thats why theres a lack of power.

Citroen Hdi frustration! - glowplug
Has the EGR valve been checked? I was thinking that if the valve itself was not sealing right/sticking the engine management may not detect it.

Xantia HDi.

Buy a Citroen and get to know the local GSF staff better...
Citroen Hdi frustration! - boggyman
van has been booked into dealer, I shall politely pass on all suggestions!!and will change dealer whether the problem is sorted or not.
any suggestions for a good citroen or independant garage in the staffs area will be gratefully received

many thanks

Citroen Hdi frustration! - Armitage Shanks {p}
This might help - found thru Google

Citroen Hdi frustration! - adverse camber
might it ?

this was discussed just the other day. Its a web site which is startlingly low on actual info about who they are, who does the work and where they are based.
Citroen Hdi frustration! - Armitage Shanks {p}
Yes it Might!

It has menu pricing for 2 diferent levels of servicings on 20+ models of Citroen and you can locate your nearest depot by putting in your postcode. Sounds more useful than a main dealer who doesn't know whether an Hdi is turbo or not!
Citroen Hdi frustration! - L.Cleaver1
If in Stafford itself there is an independent Citreon/Puegeot specialist on St Albans Road I think...follow the signs to the Household Recycling Centre (posh talk for the tip I think!)
Citroen Hdi frustration! - tyro
& if you check the Good Garages section of this website, you will find

Citronome Derby Ltd, Great Northern Road, Derby DE1 1LT, tel: 01332 345869. (Citroen specialists.)

(No personal knowledge of them myself - but someone must think that they are good)
Citroen Hdi frustration! - boggyman
think I know where you mean-will give them a try

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