Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Negger
Hi, intermittent starting problem with my '95 Passat TD. Turning the starter sometimes it will start instantly, other times symptoms of completely flat battery. Starter clicks, dashboard lights go hay-wire, clock & trip meter reset to zero & electric windows start to come down!! Suspect poor earth somewhere ? Battery OK, have removed and cleaned battery leads and all obvious earth connections around engine bay. (electric sunroof and interior light also inoperative- though fuses OK) Have read on this forum that later Passats had a junction box under passenger seat that could play up, Is there something similar on this model, hidden out of the way somewhere, that could produce these symptoms?
Have also just replaced starter motor with new unit- so assume to be OK?
All advice appreciated? Many thanks.
Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - stuartl
Negger, Check to see if the rear footwells are wet. Water leaks in via pollen filter and fries the electrics under the passenger seat. If so dry asap or risk very expensive repair bill!!

Good luck

Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Big John
Does sound like an earth problem, my old passat(1990) had a major earth point in the drivers footwell, remove under dash and door pillar trim to reveal.

Has the fault existed since replacing the starter motor or before?

Try installing an additional earth lead between battery and the engine.
Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Collos25
You can also get a dead spot on the starter motor.
Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Negger
Hi, Thanks for your various responses.
The problem has been developing over several months, initially thought it was simply battery failing, but then discovered definite fault on starter, which I repaired, but then symptoms gradually became worse and worse, hence replacing motor.
Footwells all bone dry, and no signs of previous water ingress either (not even this AM when it's been chucking it down!), earth point under dash appears OK (though haven't dismantled it yet)
Will try adding additional earth lead and report back later in week.
I'm not familiar with 'dead spot' on starter ??
Problem is often less apparent when battery is newly fully charged.
Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Negger
Additional engine earth lead hasn't worked, or rather did for a day before symtoms re-appeared. Will now try and see if a link beyween the electric sunroof and interior light not working and the problem. Haynes manual not very good on wiring diagrams. Are there any useful sources on line for wiring diagrams ?
Passat 1.9TD earth fault ? - Negger
Eventually tracked down chaffed insulation on a live feed going into the loom on the inner wing, presumably causing intermittent short, hence symptoms. Suspect there may be another short somewhere. Have picked up a very low voltage ( c.0.3v) between battery earth and front bonnet shut panel. Presume this should be Zero ?

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