Xsara chassis number location? - skap7309

I need to buy a new cat converter for my 1.6i citroen xsara (registered 03/99) but as there are two types - one OBD one non OBD so i am a little unsure. On the website i would buy from it says for each type;

CITROEN XSARA 1.6i (not OBD, up to ChNo08147) 7/97-2/99

CITROEN XSARA 1.6i Manual (ch.no. 08148 on) 3/99-8/00

ive seen a number in the engine bay but its a long number? Just to add, i had some work on the electrics and i remember them saying ''we will check the on board diagnostics'' Hope this helps.
Xsara chassis number location? - LeePower
VIN or chassis number will be on the VIN plate.

Either under the bonnet or in the boot.

Also checkout the bottom right hand corner of the windscreen, VIN number should also be there.

VIN number is 17 digits long.
Xsara chassis number location? - skap7309
Many thanks for that, i take it when they refer to the chassis number its the last few digits?
Xsara chassis number location? - Pugugly {P}
V5 ?
Xsara chassis number location? - LeePower

First parts of chassis number give manufacture, country built, engine code & the end part is the individual serial number of the car, you can tell a lot about the car from its VIN number.

Theres also a build code somewhere on the car that Citroen dealer use, either under the bonnet on the suspension strut top mount or on a sticker inside the drivers door shut, depends on age of the car.
Xsara chassis number location? - RichardW
The number you are looking for is not the chassis number - it's the 'RP' number which Citroen put on every vehicle and from which you can deduce the exact day the car was built (so you really can find out if it was a Friday one!). It used to be stencilled under the bonnet somewhere - often in yellow ink/paint around the off side suspension turret, but more recently has been printed on the label on the A pillar at the driver's door.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Xsara chassis number location? - jc2
An OBD fitted car will usually have two Hego sensors(lambda sensors)one before the cat,one after.A non-OBD just one before.

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