Primera charging intermittently - El Hacko
G'Day All,
friend has a 96 Primera, recon alternator and battery fitted. Sometimes ABS "not working" light comes on then ignition "warning red light" appears at low revs (after taking foot off accelerator).
One suggestion is voltage control unit faulty - any suggestions, pse?

Primera charging intermittently - LeePower
The ABS warning light will be fixed when you sort the charging issue out, The reason the ABS light comes on is the ABS under / over voltage protection relay is tripping out to stop the ABS ECU from being damaged.

I would check the connections to the alternator, battery & also the main earth lead to chassis / engine first to see if one has come lose or needs cleaning up.

If that doesnt cure it might be worth having a garage check the charging outout.
Primera charging intermittently - El Hacko
many thanks LP

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