mgf handbrake - tom quinn
heelo my x plate mgf has failed its mot becaude the parking brake is showing no reserve travel and only showing about 8% stopping power.

I have replaced the discs pads and brake cables still no change also both calipers seem to be working has anyone got any idea whats wrong. Do I need new calipers or is it another problem. Worried now as its costing me a fortune and also I still have no mot HELP please
mgf handbrake - yorkiebar
Did you get the figures of the brake test for the service (footbrake) ?

Was that side weaker too I wonder. Does the cable appear to pull correctly at the caliper if you watch it as someone applies it?

Would take a guess that its the claiper causing the problem. Had to do a few of these. Local factors keep them on the shelf; always a good sign its a popular part !
mgf handbrake - tom quinn
after i got the bits and bobs fixed the foot brake passed but the handbrake as was registering 89% one side and something crazy like 7% the other
mgf handbrake - scotmech
Remove the cables from both calipers ... make sure the levers move freely ... if not try release oil and work them til they are free ... if any lever is difficult to free that caliper will have to be replaced ... make sure the levers are back on their stops then press the brake pedal a few times ... you should be able to work levers by hand to feel brake going on whilst turning the disk by hand with not too much travel on lever ...

Then and only then replace handbrake cables and adjust handbrake lever ...
mgf handbrake - tom quinn
tried all that calipers stripped all seemed to working correctly nightmare i tell ya

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