Renault Scenic value - stunorthants26
A friend of mine is trading in her Renault Scenic in tomorrow hopefully but has no idea what the value as a PX should be.

Its a 1998 Renault Scenic 1.9 dTi RT with 67k on clock in doom blue.

I know its a very saleable car, but no idea of what its worth for PX.

Renault Scenic value - DavidHM
I reckon the top end of retail on that is £2,495, it's in dire need of a cambelt if it doesn't have a new one on it already, the colour is iffy...

If someone is feeling generous, £1,200 and anything above that is as good as a discount. £1k wouldn't be unreasonable.
Renault Scenic value - stunorthants26
Thats about where I thought. The cambelt has been done yes. I spoke to a dealer I know and he said he can sell Scenics like that every day of the week and they rarely hang around for more than a few weeks, must be diesel though.

Ive told her to start at £1500 and bat her eyelids! Shes got a budget of £2500ish and wants a reliable 5dr supermini, although its hard to find cars at that price at reputable dealers these days, atleast round where I live.
Renault Scenic value - DavidHM
Unless the Scenic is currently unreliabe, she's going to be spending a grand to get a car that won't be noticeably more economical at all, maybe a little cheaper to insure and £50 a year less to tax, but which would be worth about the same in the same market as what she has now.

A Mk I Scenic really isn't a very big car, just quite space-efficient and unless it has some kind of problem, she's not going to get very much at all for her extra cash.
Renault Scenic value - Xileno {P}
67K on a diesel - plenty of life left yet. This is an old tech Renault diesel, not common rail or anything. Given her modest budget, I would keep the Scenic.
Renault Scenic value - stunorthants26
I have told her all this - I said to her she really has to downsize very carefully in order to get a decent financial gain from it. Shes only 30 so maybe the insurance will make some difference.

Im trying to guide her to cars with the very lowest insurance groups and atleast equal economy, plus under 1500cc for the cheapest tax.
Im not entirely sure why shes doing it, but shes decided to so Im not going to tell her not to, just help her to make an informed choice.
Renault Scenic value - uncleben
I have just sold my lovely Renault Scenic Sport Alize 1999 V reg in platinum silver with the same mileage as yours. Ok mine is the next model & its a 1.6 16v petrol. But it might give you an indication. All the main garages offered me the same: £2,000 - I put it on the Autotrader website for £2,950 & the first person to see it bought it for £2,800 - Don't know if that helps...

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