saxo air bag light coming on - cliff
hi, you'll have to excuse my ignorance but does anyone know why is my daughters saxo air bag warning light is coming on?
the car is v reg and has covered 54,000 miles.
is it something she's done and/or something to be concerned about?
thanx for any info.
saxo air bag light coming on - Dynamic Dave
She should be concerned that whilst the fault light is on the airbag(s) will be inoperative.

Does the car have seat belt pretensioners? If so, first thing to check is that the wires are securely connected under the seats.
saxo air bag light coming on - cliff
not quite sure what pretensioners are but the light has gone out now?!
thanx anyway, i'll have to keep a check on it.
saxo air bag light coming on - LeePower
Look under each front seat, you will see a connector plug, this causes lots of issues with Peugeot / Citroen cars.

Before unplugging / fiddling with them disconnect the battery for at least 10 minutes & also do NOT use any form of multimeter / electrical test meter on any of the SRS connector plugs / wiring.

Pretensioners on the Saxo are the explosive seatbelt buckle, if the SRS system fires off the front seatbelt buckles are pulled tight by 4 inches thanks to the explosive parts ( made by Autoliv or Electrolux )

Also some later Saxos have side airbags built in to the front seats but they are a rare find.

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