Mercedes E 430 saloon - Paulfrance
Have seen a car for sale which looks quite interesting. First registered in 2000 with 75000 miles in v good condition. Is being offered at £11500. Car is auto with all the usual goodies. Are there any problems I should be looking out for? What is the general opinion on this car? Thanks.
Mercedes E 430 saloon - DavidHM
Is the car in the UK?

If so, the first thing you should be looking out for is the second, free one. There's a 2000X plate on the Trader for £7,500 and even a five-year-old is under £10k before haggling
Mercedes E 430 saloon - Collos25
Way over the top in price the electrics are a disaster along with rust,you should get first of the newer shape at auction for that money.
Mercedes E 430 saloon - madf
At that price it should be immaculate , full Mercedes sh and with all options.

And a three year warranty covering any fault.

And by immaculate I mean that : untouched, as new, no dings dents or touched up paint, no rust under door selas at top or bottom, no rusty front subframe, engine bay clean. Exhaust unrusted. Alloys Perfect. Tyres as specified and new. And 12 months MOT and tax..

Bet it has none of the above.

I would not buy one . Full stop. because of the innumerable issues. More elctrical complexity than Mercedes could make reliable and dealers could fix.

If it was £5k , reconsider may need £2k for repairs..

I did my research inot that era of Mercs and the forums are full of horror stories. Makes Rover look semi competent.

Mercedes E 430 saloon - MVP
I was chatting to a parts guy at our local MB main dealer last year.

He told me he had just had to order a new set of doors for a 3 year old e-class, as the originals had rusted through, he also said the electrics were a nightmare.

Other Mercedes stories from people I know, not hearsay
Mates SL55 - no brakes, managed to stop without killing himself or others. Phoned MB, "not possible sir", "come and try it then", oops, yes you are right.

Other friend just bought a brand new A classs - after two weeks it's gushing oil from the engine/gearbox - 10 days later it's still in the garage.

Don't be fooled by the three pointed star! (we have owned a 1964 fintail and a 1980 300D, but wouldn't go for any merc built after about 1995)
Mercedes E 430 saloon - boxsterboy
Rust is the biggest problem with the W210, but if it has a full MBSH this should be repaired by MB. The rust can affect the cups at the top of the suspension, as well as the more obvious places (boot locks, door bottoms, wheel arches, etc.).

It could be a lovely motor if it's straight, but be very careful.
Mercedes E 430 saloon - 659FBE
You can never "repair" rust on a car body which is fundamentally flawed in design, material specification and finish. Search the Internet for references and a few good pictures of rusty MB inner wing details and spring pans, then avoid at all costs. These days, any half decent car will have a fully galvanised body.

Mercedes E 430 saloon - Bill Payer
These days, any half decent car will have a fully galvanised body.

Mercedes E 430 saloon - LeePower
Peugeot / Citroen have been galvanising cars since the late 1980s, Fiat too.

Only ever seen rusty cars from the above manufacturers ( Saxo chassis rail rot excluded ) when its been poorly repaired accident damage.

The bare body shells used to be hot dip galvanised, that was dipped in a bath of molten zinc, Now they just used galvanised steel to make the pressings instead.
Mercedes E 430 saloon - 659FBE
VAG cars are galvanised too, including Skodas.

Mercedes E 430 saloon - Vincent de Marco
Mates SL55 - no brakes, managed to stop without killing himself or others.

Ouch, nasty... Guess that stuipd SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) is to blame, isn't it ?
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