New cat's eyes - ajsdoc
Driving yesterday in the pitch black and noticed I could see Cat's eyes in my rear view mirror. Then slowed down turned my lights off and saw the cat's eyes were lit (there was no other light available to cause a reflection). Either I'm going mad or there are now "powered" cat's eyes - if so, why? What's the advantage - would be keen to know and also has anyone else noticed them. They were on a road between Worcester & Hereford by the way.
New cat's eyes - BobbyG

Not that new, see the above previous discussion on these. The ones mentioned on the M8 have now been switched off, or certainly their use has been discontinued.
New cat's eyes - RichardW
They used to be fitted on the A590 around Greenodd too. Unfortunately the local boy racers thought it great sport to see how fast they could drive along the stretch without lights on, which defeated the safety advantages! Pity, as they really do light the way forward much beyond the reach of normal lights, and make driving on unfamiliar roads in the dark much easier.

It is odd as you see them disappearing behind you though!

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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