Driving test review - Petrol-Head
Anyone's thought's ?

I think to handle some of the bad driving these days (not saying i'm perfect) but what about a retest of sorts every 5/10 years ?, seems once you pass your test you can do what you want for the rest of you driving life.
Driving test review - local yokel
You can't quite do want you want - that's why the Police and Courts are there. The issue is whether they are a good enough deterrent, which most on here would say No to.

The idea of re-testing every driver every X years sounds great, but the public wouldn't accept it, and the DSA couldn't handle the admin and re-testing.

I'm a bit more in favour of re-testing those who hold PSV / LGV licences, and making a professional car driver category licence for those who are in the cab/private hire trade, with mandatory re-testing and mandatory random substance tests for them.
Driving test review - Big Bad Dave

I get better and better at things I've been doing for years and years. Examiners should be asking me for driving tips.
Driving test review - Petrol-Head
I also hold a motorbike license, and they're making it harder to get that now which is good on one hand but people think it's their god given right to drive and the driving test is easier than a bike test by miles.
Weren't they going t raise the driving age from 17 to 18 ?
Driving test review - Lud
Yup BBD, me too. Up to a point anyway.

A better idea would be a compulsory retest for anyone convicted of a serious driving offence before they could be unbanned: the test should be particularly strict and IAM standards applied. No pass, no licence.

This might have the effect of improving the driving of some car users who are currently a nuisance and danger.
Driving test review - Petrol-Head
Agree, or if you've been in an accident maybe a retest. maybe that would deter some from bad driving knowing thay HAVE TO PASS another test before they are allowed back on the road. I've been in an accident..years ago now but it i'd agree to take a refresher again after an accident.
Driving test review - Cliff Pope
One pointer to the fact that compulsory blanket retesting would not have any effect is the attitude of insurance companies. Do they offer big premium reductions to anyone who voluntarily passes a retest of any kind? Do they insist on tests for anyone with a bad claim record? Do they ask for medical pyschological reports on bad claimants, or young people?
No - they clearly don't find apptitude in passing a test any measure at all of driving ability.

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