1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - Bri H
Hello All,

Can anyone cast any light on a problem I'm having? I have a 1998 Ford Escort 1.3 Encore (1.3 Endura E engine), under low revs in most gears, there is a slight 'rattling' noise comming from the engine bay. The noise ceases after only a few seconds when the revs have gradually increased. I had the clutch changed on the car approximately 2 years ago so I don't suspect that, I'm just lost as to what it could be, as you may gather, I'm not the most mechanical minded when it comes to cars!!

Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - Sprice
Sounds like 'pinking' which is a metallic rattling sound. As your car is late 90's, it will be fuel injected, so could be down to your driving style (large throttle openings at low RPMs) or maybe even a 'knock' sensor malfunction. (A knock sensor senses when the fuel mixture has not burned correctly, and adjusts the timing via the ECU to compensate).

There is probably many posts on this forum on this subject!
1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - Bri H
Cheers sprice,

Conducted a Forum Search and found one or two articles to read, sounds like quite a common problem with some engines. Think I'll read into it a bit more then decide what action to take (if any) as I'm selling the car as I've just bought a Mondeo.

Thanks again sprice.

Bri H
1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - piston power
the exhaust is spring mounted and a olive style gasket between both sections as the olive wears the springs rattle, if this is the case just replace the olive gasket they cost about £4.00. good luck
1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - Bri H
Thanks bigtee,

All helpful info is really appreciated, I think I'll have a look at replacing those springs. Could be beneficial as it is an inexpensive job and may help me get a little more for the car when I sell it in the next few weeks as I've just bought a Mondeo that is subject of another message I have posted.

Thanks again.

Bri H
1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - bell boy
could be noisy cam buckets
1998 1.3 Escort Endura E - 'Rattling' - Kingpin
It could be the timing chain rattling when the engine is ticking over at idle, when you raise the revs a bit the noise will change. These old 1.3 engines go that way eventually.

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