Awesome-sounding V-twin - Zebra
Capacity? Three mighty cc (cc, not litres) producing an "awesome" sound, according to the ad I saw.

Straight-through exhausts, twin "carbs", piezo-electrical ignition. Neat-looking little thing.
Pics and spec at

Have one sitting on your desk, turning a generator to charge your mobile, perhaps?

(I have no connection with the business.)

Awesome-sounding V-twin - mk124
A complete waste of money. Too expensive for what you get - you could get a second hand car engine for that price. And has it got any practicality at all?

Great Xmas present though!


Torque means nothing without RPM
Awesome-sounding V-twin - local yokel
The cost of this toy would pay for the Nova 1.2 I bought Junior the other day twice over. The car cost £195, came with 6 weeks RFL and 12 months MoT.
Awesome-sounding V-twin - barchettaman
The Nova would look better parked on your desk too IMO.
Awesome-sounding V-twin - nortones2
What an interesting toy. I'd bet it would be useful to schools as a demonstrator in say, physics classes. Pity no-one wants to study the subject though!
Awesome-sounding V-twin - SteVee
Rubbish. Who wants a 45 degree twin ?
90 degree only please (OK an L twin for Ducati fans)
Ok a 60 degree Aprilia is good too :-)

Buf for best sound, a 90 degree twin is definitely best .

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